You’ve probably heard of oxford, poplin, twill and camp shirts before, but do you know what these various terms actually mean? If you don’t, consider yourself part of the majority. However, if you’re shopping for a custom printed dress shirt, we want to make sure you get exactly what you want. Here’s a quick breakdown of what each of these variations really is.


An oxford shirt is made from a classic weave that has been popular in apparel production since the 19th century. The fabric is created from a basket weave, typically comprised of a colored yarn and a white yarn, which creates the iconic checkerboard pattern that the oxford is known for. Aside from this distinctive pattern, the shirts are also traditionally known for being long-sleeved with a stiff collar and a button front opening.

Common Styles

As a popular staple in many wardrobes, oxford woven shirts are versatile enough to be dressed up or worn casually. They range from solid white to black and can also be found in vibrant colors and patterns. This is a type of shirt you can typically detect on men and women in just about any type of setting, casual or formal.


Twill is a fabric that is normally made from cotton, woven in a diagonal pattern. It is lightweight, extremely durable and a popular choice for a dress shirt fabric. Higher or lower thread counts used in the making of twill can result in several different results, ranging from a thick, textured finish to a smooth and somewhat shiny one. Patterns on twill are less common than on other weaves because of its rich texture. Instead, you can find a wide variety of vibrant, soft or neutral colors.

Common Styles

Unlike oxford, the term twill does not suggest any specific shirt design. It simply defines the type of weave used to create the fabric. This means you can ordinarily find twill shirts that are either long sleeve or short sleeve and designed in many different styles.


Poplin fabric is tightly woven and has horizontal ribbing which creates a very soft, smooth finish and a texture that is less noticeable than twill. The fabric is traditionally comprised of cotton but can also have other fibers, like silk, wool or rayon, thrown in the mix. The end result is lightweight and ideal for warm weather but a little bit more prone to wrinkling than oxford or twill. Nonetheless, poplin is a very popular choice for button up shirts and can be found a wide range of colors and patterns.

Common Styles

A common distinction for poplin shirts is that they drape closely to the body, making them popular with women who prefer a less boxy appearance. In fact, many ladies’ poplin shirts feature a tapered waist for a more natural looking silhouette. This does make selecting the proper size very important which is why Promotions Now carries a wide range for both women and men.


A camp shirt is a loose fitting short sleeve shirt with a straight-cut silhouette and a simple placket front. If we had to choose just one word to describe this shirt style, it would be “relaxed,” so it’s not intended to be tucked in or worn for formal events. Some other common features of the camp shirt are a one-piece collar, which can be worn either open and spread or closed at the neck with a button and loop, and a straight hemmed bottom that falls just at the hip.

Common Styles

Camp shirts can be found in solids or prints but some familiar designs you may have noticed include tropical or Hawaiian patterns as well as retro-inspired vertical stripes. It’s an extremely versatile style shirt that consumers love for its simple design and laid-back comfort.