If you’re looking to inject some serious style into your promotional or gift apparel, you’ve come to the right place. At Promotions Now we are constantly adding new and current trends to our collection because we love fashion just as much as you do. Here are a few of the stylish accents you can find throughout our entire line of promotional apparel and accessories.

Plaid and Buffalo Plaid

Plaid never seems to go out of style, but right now it’s absolutely everywhere. With the resurgence of its immense popularity in current fashion, it’s only natural that Promotions Now would add a wide variety of plaid printed shirts and buffalo plaid scarves to our apparel collection.


Gingham was all over the runways in 2015 and now the loveable picnic pattern can be a part of your custom gift apparel. Whether you stick to classic black and white or go for some vibrant color, our gingham printed woven shirts are sure to help you and your brand steal the spotlight.

Denim Shirts

It’s inadvisable to ever throw away a denim shirt because it always seems to come back in style! Right now stylish individuals are pairing them with plaid, khaki, leather and even more denim for a look that’s perfectly aligned with reemerging trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Draped Tees

Loose, flowing styles, asymmetrical hems and draping silhouettes are quickly becoming the new preferences in ladies’ tees – and why not? They’re so comfortable and flattering, we hope they never go out of style!


Other naturally relaxed and casual looking styles that have been growing in popularity are the dolman and slouchy shapes. With loose-fitting sleeves and a wide opening at the neck, dolman shaped tees drape naturally from the shoulders, giving the look of casual elegance.


Burnout fabrics are hand treated to create the weathered and well-loved look that is currently right on trend. It looks especially appealing on vintage style baseball tees, slouchy shapes and ringer tees with a logo that is equally unique and stylish.


Much like plaid, camouflage doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. It looks great on just about everything, but we’re particularly fond of it on our eco-jersey tees, beanie caps and fleece scarves. Not sure if you’re ready for camouflage apparel? Accessories like scarves and gloves are the perfect way to incorporate a popular pattern into a wardrobe.

Stripes, Stars and Leopard Prints

Speaking of prints, we can’t get enough of our newest line of tees with patterns like stripes, stars and even leopard. These could be just the thing to reinvigorate your branding efforts or really impress your clients and staff. For a sportier look, we also have a wide collection of garments with color blocking and heathered colors.

Military Accents

Epaulets on woven shirts, chest pockets, roll sleeves and shades of gray, khaki and army green all lend some military-inspired style to our woven shirts, jackets and tees. Stick with this trend by adding your own logo on the left chest to create the perfect finished product.