Marketing Strategy: Why Promotional Products Are Still So Darned Effective

As we continue along our path through the digital age, it might become easy some of you to mistakenly classify promotional products as ineffective methods of branding and advertising. Why purchase hundreds of trinkets and doodads with your company logo on them and then go through the trouble of physically distributing them when you can just send some emails and tweets, right? Wrong!

Even now, when the majority of your marketing efforts can be carried out on your laptop or phone and businesses are finding great success with content and social media marketing methods, promotional products still firmly hold their place in the world of marketing and advertising. More to the point, ignoring their potential can do a major disservice to your business. Here’s why.

Free Stuff Makes Us Happy

Who doesn’t love a free gift? From the toys in our happy meals to the complimentary tumblers with purchases of large coffees, free stuff has been making us happy and swaying the way we shop for as long as most of us can remember. Ever heard of the term, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? That absolutely applies here.

A free gift will always be capable of creating a positive experience that simply can’t be duplicated by an email blast, an informative blog post (ahem… though we still try) or a special promotion on Facebook. Moreover, that positive experience gets associated with the business from which the gift came. It’s a beautiful circle of positivity that has been working like a charm for decades.

Promos are the Tangible Portion of Your Full Proof Plan

We aren’t suggesting that you drop your digital marketing efforts in favor of promotional products – that would be just as ill-advised as passing on promotional products in favor of digital strategies – but promos should always represent an important part of your comprehensive marketing plan.

Your digital marketing campaign will drive traffic to your website and increase your rate of conversions. Your promotional products, on the other hand, serve as a tangible reminder of your business’ presence, the human to human interaction that you provide, which consumers value, and your willingness to reward loyal customers and continue to work for new ones. When digital marketing and promotional products work together, they can do wonderful things for your business.

The ROI Says It All 

There are still some marketers who think promotional products might be wasteful or unnecessary – we know, crazy, right? To them we say, the proof is in the pudding – or rather the ROI, or return on investment, of even low-cost promotional products is worth reexamining. Business owners who work the tradeshow circuit, for example, know beyond a doubt that their promotional giveaways are extremely valuable. This is because even an inexpensive promo can lure plenty of prospective customers to a showroom booth where they’ll be positioned for a meaningful exchange with them.

The promise of a free gift can enormously increase the number of potential customers or clients who approach you and have a face-to-face interaction, than if you were empty-handed. Later on, if the free item ends up getting tossed, it’s OK because it’s already served its purpose.

Promotional Products Evolve

Now that we’ve established that even a cheap giveaway can produce valuable results, let’s look at how promotional products have evolved over time. Long gone are the days when your choices were strictly limited to cheap pens, matchbooks and vinyl key fobs – though most marketers can still find great success using these specific items. These days, businesses such as yours are privy to an incredible selection of top brand name goods, cutting edge tech devices, designer apparel and endless creative novelties. The market is ever expanding, manufacturers are ever innovating and, as a result, promotional products are ever evolving. Now, you can treat your prospective customers to custom printed Bluetooth speakers, noise canceling headphones, all-natural and organic spa and skincare products, genuine leather or vegan-friendly leatherette bags and backpacks and even drones!

It should be pretty obvious by now why businesses and marketers still find value in promotional products, even during this era of digital marketing. These items continue to create opportunities for connections with consumers that are completely unique to what electronic communication can accomplish, and as such, they continue to hold a firm and essential position in the world of marketing and advertising.


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