Unique Ways to Brand Your Holiday Events


A holiday appreciation gift for your party guests can provide a simple and effective approach to branding your year-end events but there are several other unique ways you can leave the lasting impression you desire. Many organizations are using unexpected techniques to make their own brands just as memorable as the events themselves. Here are a few products that can help you achieve the same effect.


If you’re planning to serve light snacks or hot beverages, you might be pleased to know you can do so on disposable tableware that’s custom imprinted with your company logo or important message. Our Snack Pack Disposable Tableware Party Set includes 30 white beverage napkins and 15 each of 7″ white paper plates and 8 oz. white hot and cold paper cups, all branded with your logo. For a simpler, yet just as effective, branding strategy, our 12 oz. Biodegradable Hot Beverage Paper Cups will make the perfect addition to the hot chocolate station at your next holiday shindig.


Celebrating with wine? Our custom Here’s-to-You Plastic Wine Glasses paired with our Party Valet Snack & Wine Trays will add convenience and a touch of sophistication to your event while allowing you to keep your brand in plain sight. Each tray can hold a variety of snacks as well as a stemmed wine glass, thanks to a specially formed slot at one of the corners. These two products are perfect for a standing room or any event where you’d like guests to easily and comfortably network while enjoying a light meal.


Whether you want to wish your event attendees and happy and healthy holiday and New Year or you simply want to remind them of your company’s presence, a few well-placed banners and balloons can help you do so. They’ll also go a long way to add some decoration and color to your venue. Our 9 inch Standard Latex Balloons in your choice of 13 different colors will do just the trick.

Don’t forget about your buffet and banquet tables! An Economy Table Throw with a full-color imprint will make an impact on your guests as they enter your event venue and serve themselves from the buffet, while a tastefully placed, custom imprinted Accent Table Runner will make an impressive statement at your sit-down banquet tables.

You can go beyond the conventional gifts and giveaways and find many more unique and charming ways to brand your holiday and year-end events at Promotions Now. Browse our collection for ideas and inspiration and find the products that will help you make a memorable impact in an unexpected way!

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