Turn the Upcoming Rainy Season into Marketing Success with Promotional Umbrellas!

Don’t let the rainy season get you down – especially when promotional umbrellas can help you turn the less than preferable weather conditions into an opportunity to grow your brand. The latest additions to our line of umbrellas are both innovative and on trend but you don’t have to take our word for it. Just take a look at some of our new favorites from what we have to offer you at our site, below.

Palm Trees Auto Open Folding Umbrella, 46″ Arc

The Palm Trees Auto Open Folding Umbrella can bring you a bit of the tropics on a rainy day with it’s unique palm tree patterned interior canopy. Other features include a 46″ arc, a dual layer polyester canopy, a matching polyester case, a wooden handle and a wrist strap.

Blanc Noir Inversion Umbrella, 48″ Arc

Another contrasting interior canopy is found on the Blanc Noir Inversion Umbrella as well. This one features a trendy white and black stripe pattern that pops against the black exterior. Larger than the previous two umbrellas, the Blanc Noir has a vast 48″ arc.

Rain Drop Inversion Umbrella, 48″ Arc

Clearly trending at the moment, the contrasting interior canopy on the Rain Drop Inversion Umbrella features a black and gray raindrop pattern that mimics the run off of rain water on the umbrella’s exterior. An extra large, 48″ arc and an inverted construction keeps the real raindrops from dripping onto the user when closed.

Soho Tartan Inversion Umbrella, 48″ Arc

The Soho Tartan Inversion Umbrella mixes form and function with the inversion construction that spares the inconvenience of drip off and a stylish tartan patterned interior in your choice of black/white, multi-color, red/navy and tan/black.

Confetti Auto Open Designer Inversion Umbrella, 48″ Arc

Like the last few on this list, this umbrella also features an innovative inverted folding design opens and closes “inside-out” to keep you dry. What sets it apart is the fun confetti themed pattern on the inner canopy that’s sure to make any rainy day a little bit brighter!

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