Trend Report: Hygge is What Everyone is Seeking This Winter

If you haven’t heard of the Danish-inspired hygge (pronounce hoo-ga) movement yet, you’re about to fall under it’s soul soothing spell. The word is used as both a noun and an adjective in Denmark to express a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. Don’t you just love it when there is one simple word for such an expansive meaning? We do! This feeling or state of being is more of a way of life for the Danish, which, for many of us, explains why Denmark is always at the top of the list of the world’s happiest countries. It might just have something to do with coziness being a passionate cultural standard!

Lately, this enticing concept has taken root and flourished into a huge (pronounced the regular way) lifestyle trend, spanning from home decor and interior design to fashion and everything in between. This, of course, includes us! You see, where lifestyle and retail trends go, we go. It’s how we maintain the hottest, most up to date line of products for customers who want to keep their marketing efforts relevant and on trend.

So, without any further ado, here are our top picks for hygge-centric promotional gifts that are as comforting and cozy as it gets!

Oxford Alpaca Blanket

We know we might be a little on the nose featuring a blanket as the first item on our list of hygge-applicable items from our collection but, when it comes to the Oxford Alpaca Blanket, you won’t believe it till you feel it! Relaxation truly is inevitable in this luxuriously soft and inviting blanket, available in your choice of 4 stunning, yet agreeably neutral colors.

Karma Essential Oil Infused Candle in Apothecary Jar, 4oz., Full Color Imprint

Add some warmth to your next promotional gift with a fragrant and essential oil infused, soy wax candle. Karma blend is infused almond & vanilla oils.

Price includes your imprint in full color on white or clear label within shown retail look design. You may print the entire label with your own design; please inquire.

When a burning hearth-fire is less than feasible, a few candles can provide plenty of warm ambiance instead. Especially wood wick candles, which provide the similar flicker and crackle of a burning log in a much smaller package. Our 11 oz. Spa Scents Soy Candle with a Wooden Wick comes in a large frosted glass container, is available in a variety of calming scents and can provide over 63 hours of burn time.

Fuzzy Feet Gripper Socks, Quarter Top

There’s nothing quite like staying indoors during a cold or rainy day in comfortable attire, tucked away from the discomforts of the outside elements. All one needs is a warm place to relax, perhaps a good book to read or the latest Netflix series to binge, and an incredible pair of socks, of course! Our Fuzzy Feet Gripper Socks are just the thing to keep your feet toasty with grippers for those quick snack retrieval breaks!

Naturally Delicious Gourmet 3 Tier Seagrass Basket Tower

When your gift recipients are finished enjoying delicious, all-natural comforts like pretzel twists with raspberry honey mustard dip, cocoa dusted truffles and cinnamon apple chips, they can incorporate the beautiful sea grass baskets that are leftover into their hygge influenced home decor. The warm earthy tones and natural texture is the perfect addition to the cozy living inspired aesthetic!

Swiss Force® Geneva French Press & Coffee Grinder Gift Set

What’s more comforting than hot cup of rich coffee, prepared in the most flavor-boosting way possible? How about a hot cup of rich coffee, prepared in the most flavor-boosting way possible and made from freshly ground beans! That’s what comes from using this beautiful Swiss Force® Geneva French Press & Coffee Grinder Gift Set.

Lilac Bloom® Ava Ladies’ Cardigan Sweater

Warm and cozy indoor retreat? Check! The best blanket ever? Check! Candlelight, amazing snacks and a delicious hot beverage? Check! However, what are you wearing? Let’s all be honest with each other. Relaxing at home in your favorite jeans is not a real thing that exists. It’s time to pull out the leggings or sweatpants and, of course, a soft, positively snuggly sweater. Want to give one out? We highly recommend the Lilac Bloom® Ava Ladies’ Cardigan Sweater.

That’s just a small sampling of the promotional gifts we have to offer customers who have gone totally ga ga for hygge – like we have.  Shop the rest of our collection to find more gifts and giveaways that are on trend and ready to make a major statement for your brand today!

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