Marketing Strategy: 5 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing is Still Thriving in the Digital Age

Still Think Promotional Products and Print Marketing are Too Old School? Think Again! Here are 5 Reasons Why Traditional Marketing is Still Thriving in This Digital Era.

Are traditional, print marketing methods dead now that businesses are implementing digital strategies with great success? Have blogging, social media marketing, email marketing, pay per click and SEO finally supplanted catalogs, print media ads and promotional products? Contrary to what some may believe, the answer is no – not even close – and here are 5 reasons why.

eCommerce businesses still benefit from mailing catalogs.

As effective as an email blast may be, it simply doesn’t have the same amount of permanence of that of a catalog and businesses understand that. Despite the growing popularity of online shopping and the discernible downfall of mail-order, a study by the Direct Marketing Association has revealed that a substantial 44% of consumers still flip through a physical catalog before visiting a retail website. There is simply no reason to dispense with print catalogs altogether when they still play such a major role in the customer journey.

Print Marketing has evolved to remain relevant.

Where they were once a means for sales, catalogs have become a highly effective marketing tool. Instead of packing hundreds or even thousands of products into large cumbersome books, businesses are opting to present customers with a visually appealing representation of a select few products and the brand as a whole. When combined with digital marketing efforts these catalogs help to create a multifaceted strategy that’s able to capture an optimal audience.

The notion that younger consumers only respond to digital and social media marketing is actually wrong.

It’s extremely easy to fall into believing this misconception. Digital and social media marketing is newer, hipper and more technological, therefore it must more effectively appeal to youths, right? To the surprise of many, this actually isn’t so. According to Digital Marketing Ramblings a surprising 92% of young consumers prefer to rely on direct mail and print catalogs for making purchases. While they typically spend far more time surfing the web or participating in social media than more seasoned consumers, this actually makes it easier for them to ignore all the banner and PPC ads that they’ve become bombarded with on a daily basis. In fact, it’s often the less savvy internet and social media users who are more likely to click on these ads, which more adept users see as pesky or irrelevant.

Promotional Products still carry their weight.

Ad Specialties have come a long way from cheap writing utensils and paper flyers – though even those items can be successfully leveraged to effectively promote a business when utilized properly. Today, you can find promotional items ranging from high end, designer apparel and accessories to state of the art Bluetooth audio products. As long as the promotional products industry continues to evolve and emulate the same product selection that is currently trending in the retail world, it will always be able to carry its weight in the age of digital marketing.

We’re not the Jetsons.

One of the principal reasons why traditional marketing is far from dead is that there are still plenty of consumers who are comfortable with it and prefer its old-school methodology. It is continuously exciting to watch the way people do business evolve, but we haven’t yet moved so far into the digital world that print media is even remotely inessential. Businesses would do well to remember that and maintain some form of marketing that still appeals to their more conventional consumers. Instead of getting ahead of themselves, businesses should seek a marketing plan that ties many effective methods together to create one versatile and powerful strategy.


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