Products That Make Your Team, as Well as Your Business, Look Good At Tradeshows

It’s time to get ready for another tradeshow season! Do you want to send your booth exhibitors and marketing representatives out onto the show floor with custom giveaways that will properly represent your brand? Of course you do! Your promotional handouts will tell event attendees a lot about the type of company you’re running as well as the type of people they’ll encounter at your booth. So, why not impress them from the start with smart, creative, or trendy promotional products? Here are some of our top choices for tradeshow giveaways that are sure to make everyone looks good.

The Tradeshow Tote

Tradeshow Totes

If you have printed material and promos to offer visitors to your booth, why not supply them with a tradeshow tote of your own? It shows you’ve though this process through and are willing to go the extra mile for your customer’s convenience. An added bonus is the extra brand exposure you’ll score by having prospective clients tour the showroom floor with your logo printed on their new bags.   

At most trade shows, an inexpensive tote bag is provided for attendees by sponsoring organizations in exchange for the same sort of brand exposure – and some of them might be your competitors. This is yet another reason for you to offer your own more appealing version to visitors at your booth, who will see that your businesses is willing to do the work to gain a competitive edge.

Some excellent choices are the Volusia Big Imprint Polycanvas Convention Tote, the Trade Show Non-Woven Tote and the Big Business Nylon Tech Tote. Each offers a stylish design and plenty of additional compartments for keeping personal belongings or water bottles separated from trade show promos.

A Bit of Fun and Whimsy

Fun and Whimsical Giveaways

A mostly unspoken truth about tradeshows is that they can sometimes be a little bit boring. That’s right, we said what everyone else was thinking! The truth is that convention attendees can lose some steam after walking a few isles and seeing much of the same products over and over. So, if you think that incorporating a promotional product that is both eye-catching and fun might change the game for your own booth then you are exactly right!

A few great choices for promotional products with a touch of fun include stress shapes, like our Color Changing Stress Ball, or the Boogie Bot™ Wind Up Figure, a wind up dancing robot that displays your logo on a rotating disk on its chest. There are hundreds of unique, creative and amusing choices for promos that are out of the norm and can get some extra attention for your representatives and also make them much more approachable.

Tech Accessories and Other Products On-Trend

Custom Tech Accessories For Tradeshows

The popularity of different promotional products changes pretty frequently, so it’s important to pay attention to what is currently on-trend in the industry. Trending giveaways will attract more visitors to your booth and open more communication opportunities for your representatives. It will also lend them some valuable style credibility.

Acrylic Tumblers with Straws are a big hit at trade shows, as are custom sunglasses in bright colors or fashionable designs. One of the most popular product categories right now however, is tech accessories. Tech products like Bluetooth speakers, wireless ear buds and mobile charging devices may be a bit on the pricey side for trade show giveaways but accessories for such items are a perfect solution for businesses who want to incorporate tech savvy gifts into their marketing strategies without having to stretch their budgets too far.

Budget-friendly tech accessories like the Smart Phone Wallet, Nova Touch Stylus & LED Flashlight Metallic Ballpoint Pen or the Volt Aluminum Case Power Bank are exceptional values at tradeshows and your representatives will appear just as tech savvy as the giveaways themselves.

Under $2

One of our main focuses at Promotions Now is to provide excellent product options to customers with any and all types of budgets. There is no reason why organizations with spending limits for tradeshow marketing should have to go without some compelling and effective custom giveaways, and we have proven that with our Trade Show Giveaways Under $2 Specialty Store.

Perhaps you want to supplement one higher value giveaway with several more inexpensive ones or perhaps your budget is tight but you still want to provide your booth representatives with the giveaways that will help them get as much attention as possible. No problem – we have the solution right here. From can coolers, hand sanitizers, lip balms, stadium cups, water bottles, sweet treats and snacks to bottle openers, pens, wristbands, lanyards, tote bags and much more, we have the promos to help economically ‘brand’ both your business and your valued tradeshow sales crew at your next convention or expo!

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