Tips and Etiquette for Your Upcoming Holiday Office Party

If you’re going to be celebrating the holidays with your coworkers soon, avoiding a few common party blunders can ensure the event goes smoothly and your professional reputation remains unscathed. Business etiquette expert and corporate speaker, Hilka Klinkenberg, provides these helpful tips for making a holiday office party go off without a hitch.

All Things in Moderation – especially drinking.

The bottles of vodka in Micheal Scott’s hands might fly at Dunder Mifflin but chances are they won’t fly at your office event. If the last thing you want is to be the topic of water cooler gossip the day after your holiday party, it’s best to keep the drinking to a minimum and even err on the side of moderation when it comes to scarfing down all the snacks.

A Special Occasion Doesn’t Constitute a Complete Deviation from the Usual Dress Code.

While some businesses might indicate that their events are either a casual or formal, most keep it simple and require no change in the usual attire. If you’re unsure, your best bet is to keep it simple and wear the same items you would wear to a regular work day.

Be Social and Introduce Yourself.

Of course you’ll spend most of your time with your office buddies but this is a great opportunity to make yourself visible to higher-ups and get to know individuals from other departments. You could end up creating connections that help you later on down the line.

Double Check Before Inviting Your Spouse.

Spouses and significant others are not always on the guest list, so check with your manager before extending the invitation in order to avoid any awkwardness. If they are invited, spouses are a must bring but, if you’re just dating, consider whether you’ll want to bring him or her to next year’s event as well before asking them to be your “and guest”.

Say Thank You.

Even a small gathering in the office takes plenty of coordination – and all for your enjoyment. During your event, make sure to find the time to thank the proper people for their efforts. They’ll remember you for it.

Party Planners Remember 3 Important Things.

  1. Consider the diversity of the entire staff. Where a Christmas party might alienate some employees, a holiday or year-end party is all-inclusive.
  2. Try to reflect the company well in your plans. This includes an appropriate location, time of day, the formality of the event and even the types of food and beverages you will serve. Always remember to take the employees’ interests and lifestyles into consideration.
  3. Consider a thoughtful token of appreciation or small gift with your company brand on it as a final way of conveying your gratitude for a year of hard work.
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