How to Know Which Type of Insulated Drinkware Is Right for You

Double wall construction, vacuum insulated and copper lined are just a few of the terms you might come across while shopping for a custom printed tumbler or bottle and while they are all great for beverage temperature control, if you don’t know what they mean, they might as well be a different language. That’s where we come in. Here is your crash course on insulated drinkware to help you know which type of bottle or travel mug is the right one for you.

Double Wall Construction

Most insulation levels consist of a double wall construction that varies from product to product but the two main purposes of this particular design remain the same. They are to eliminate condensation on the outer wall of a container when it is filled with cold liquid and to maintain the internal temperature of the container when it is filled with hot liquid. There are a few different types of double wall insulation for travel drinkware and how each one works determines both the length of time a container can keep a beverage hot or cold. One way they can vary is by the contents in between the two walls:


Air insulation is the standard double wall design with nothing in between the inner and outer walls but – you guessed it – air. Many acrylic travel tumblers have this level of insulation and can maintain beverage temperatures for several hours. For example, the Acrylic Beverage Double Wall Tumbler, below, can maintain cold beverages for up to 4 hours and hot beverages for up to 2 hours!


Foam insulated double wall containers, like our Stainless Steel Tumbler, below, have even more temperature control with average cold beverage maintenance at 6 hours and hot beverage maintenance at 3 hours. These items have their insulation power increased when a layer of foam is inserted between the inner and outer walls. Many double wall, travel coffee or hot beverage mugs have this level insulation.

Vacuum Insulation

Vacuum insulation steps it up a notch. When a mug or tumbler has double wall vacuum insulation it means that there is absolutely no air in between the inner and outer walls because the space has been vacuum sealed. This process creates a less conductive barrier between the two walls which increases temperature maintenance ability to up to 12 hours for cold drinks and 6 hours for hot drinks. I know. We’re impressed too – and our Aviana™ Midas Double Wall Stainless Tumbler w/ Grip is just as attractive as it is effective!

Copper Vacuum Insulation

Speaking in our best Robin Leach accent: This is the top of the line in drinkware insulation! Most often found in high-end bottles and travel mugs, these beverage containers have superior temperature maintenance thanks to the addition of a copper lining along the inner wall. The added feature increases temperature maintenance to an incredible 16 hours for cold liquids and 8 hours for hot liquids! Check out our Force Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle to see a beautiful example of this first-rate insulation method.

Now that we have broken down thermal insulation styles, you should be able to select your travel beverage container with complete confidence! As always, however, our dedicated staff is available to offer further assistance whenever you need it. Shop our collection of promotional drinkware to select your perfect match or call our team at 800.378.6376 for help!

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