The Ultimate Giveaways for 10 Awesome Tradeshows


Last year we researched tradeshows, conventions and expos occurring all over the country – and some global – and posted a list of our favorite 10 Awesome Tradeshows. These are the types of shows that most people attend for fun and a lucky few get to attend for work. We’ve decided to go back to that list, put our promotional consulting skills to the test and pick out some promos that we think would be perfect for those lucky few. Here is our list for the ultimate giveaways for 10 awesome tradeshows.

The Surf Expo


How do you wow the crowd when you’re marketing your products and services at the biggest board sports, beach and resort lifestyle expo in the country? With something that suits a beach dwelling lifestyle, but still manages to stand out. That’s why we’d go for our Custom Aviator Sunglasses in a tropical blue frame. They are just the right mix of fun and stylish.


Sweets and Snacks Expo


For the incredibly vast and varied collection of deliciousness you’re sure to encounter at this expo, the average promotional candy just won’t do. For this show, our favorite choice is the custom Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Pop. With a selection of toppings that includes nonpareil sprinkles, confetti sprinkles and crushed graham cracker, your sweet treats will not easily be forgotten.


American International Toy Fair


This insanely fun convention has been around for over 100 years, so it’s no small feat if you want to give out something that’s new and unique. Luckily you have us on your side. We suggest giving out a classic throwback, like Pick-Up Sticks in Wood Box or a Rubik’s 9-Panel Cube, instead of searching far and wide for something that’s never been seen before. Nostalgia can be a very powerful marketing tool.


The Philadelphia Tattoos Arts Convention


This may seem strange because we normally reserve this product for the kiddies, but Full-Color Custom Temporary Tattoos, provide an excellent opportunity to create a fun and interesting calling card. A tattoo artist can get an absolutely flawless example of his or her work, along with a phone number or website, printed on these to hand out in lieu of business cards – and make a much bigger impression.


Super Zoo: The National Show for Pet Retailers


What do all furry pet owners have in common? The fur! At a show where pets are welcome, there is a good amount of hair to be brushed off of business casual attire. There isn’t a dog or pet owner alive who doesn’t appreciate a lint remover, and you can use that fact to your advantage by giving out your own custom printed Full Color Lint Rollers. Get some adorable animal art printed on it and add your business name and web address to ensure you’ll be just as memorable as the furry critters.

Scarefest: Horror and Paranormal Convention


If you’re looking for a product that will scare up some real promotional value, you have to know your audience – and these people love monsters! We know because we have a few monster and horror lovers in our ranks and they are all going AHS Lady Gaga for the Monster Hand Stress Reliever Phone Holder. It’s the perfect desk accessory for the event attendees who love all things spooky.

The Philadelphia Travel & Adventure Show


This is one high profile show and, if you’re exhibiting, you’re going to need to give away the good stuff. The takeaway is a few luxury vacations booked, timeshares sold or meaningful exchanges had with world famous travelers who have plenty of influence –  so it’s well worth investing in. Our minds immediately take off and land on Cutter & Buck® travel collection pieces like the custom debossed Bainbridge Duffel Bag and the Dopp Kit.

Agenda, Project, Liberty Fairs, and Capsule Tradeshows in Las Vegas


Ever since the launch of our new and improved apparel line, we’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to toot our horns about the new fashion-forward inventory – and what better place is there to flex your style muscles than at a fashion and clothing brand tradeshow! Embroider an understated logo on a Port Authority® Patch Pockets Denim Ladies’ Shirt that’s sure to demand plenty of wear come Fall, or go for a Odell Ladies’ Knit Zip Hoodie in black, heather, invictus heather or maroon heather. Your brand will be trending straight through till next spring.

The NAMM Show


An average of 95,000 people attend the NAMM Show in hopes of testing out new musical equipment, crossing paths with their musical icons and growing the worldwide support of the music industry. It’s a beautiful thing, but that’s also a whole lot of people. If you’re looking for major quantity in an item that is relevant and compelling, then look no further that the Custom Printed Guitar Pick.


If you’re a multi-million dollar game developer, you might think, “Fun Before Budget,” and bring a few of these Buzzing FPV Mini Camera Drones  with you. They’re compact, come in their own carrying cases and pack a whole lot of exploratory fun in a small package! However, if you would prefer to scale down your promos and make them reach more people, then you need something inexpensive and clever. We recommend the video game controller stress ball.


So that’s our round-up of hard hitting promotional products for some of the coolest tradeshows we have ever heard of. Do you have a tradeshow coming up and need a few ideas? Give us a try by calling 800.378.6376 and we’ll do our best brainstorming for you as well!

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