The Best Subreddits for Helping You Grow Your Brand


Reddit might already take up some of your leisure time, as it does for an average of more than 3 million users per day who spend hours posting text, reading posts by other users and sharing their thoughts on them, following links and either up or down voting to their hearts content. These shedloads of individual users power thousands of unique communities discussing almost every topic under the sun, and while entertaining and hilarious content abounds, you would be right to assume that some of these discussions could be beneficial to you in business and marketing.

If you’re looking to reddit to gain some useful insight on business, marketing and advertising, or even to promote your own website, you are definitely on the right track. Here are some of the best subreddits for helping you grow your brand and some simple guidelines to help you get started right away.


As it is explained on the main page, /r/marketing is for interesting marketing discussions. If you have a question that needs answering, have had an epiphany you want to share or just want to take a gander at the latest marketing conversations, this is the place to go. /r/marketing is, however, a very broad interest group, so if you want to narrow your focus, all you need do is enter what you’re looking for in search and see if anyone else is discussing it.


/r/Entrepreneur is different from many other subreddits in that only text posts are allowed. The reason for this is to keep self-promotion at bay. /r/Entrepreneur is meant to encourage discussions between like-minded entrepreneurs who are interested in helping each other grow and reddit has taken the necessary measure to keep it that way with its text posts only rule.

Some interesting features at /r/Entrepreneur include daily themed sticky posts for Monday through Friday, as follows:

  • NooB Monday – This is where the phrase, “There are no stupid questions,” is truly embraced. Have no fear and ask away.
  • Marketplace Tuesday – Like the want ads for reddit. If you need a position filled or would like to offer your services, this is when it’s safe to do so.
  • Wantrepreneur Wednesday – This is the opposite of NooB Monday. Ask all of your hard-hitting, intricate questions here without having to manage an entire thread.
  • Thank You Thursday – Show your gratitude to the /r/Entrepreneur community for all of its assistance and support by offering freebies, discounts and any special deals or promotions you’d like to offer. You can really feel the love on Thursdays.
  • Accomplishments and Lessons Learned Friday – This is when you are encouraged to share all of your feats and defeats as an entrepreneur. Let others learn from your experience.


This subreddit is very similar to /r/Entrepreneur, discouraging promotional posts or any direct sales, but only users with 10 karma or more may submit posts. Posts must be seen as a contribution to the overall conversation between entrepreneurs looking to provide each other with feedback, advice and ideas on their newly budded businesses. Otherwise, they will be removed. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise to be acquired here, as long as you’re willing to follow the rules. Clearly, the integrity of this learning environment is well protected.

There is a way you can promote your own blog on /r/startups, but only if you are writing about a topic that will be useful to the entrepreneurs in the community. In this case, your entire blog post along with a link to the original page is perfectly acceptable.


At /r/business there is also a “no mercy for spammers” policy that will get you instantly banned from the subreddit if you attempt self-promotion. This is not to say that you have to remain tight lipped about your own business, but blatant advertisements and sales pitches are against the rules of reddiguette. This subreddit is meant to be treated the same as you would a networking event, except you don’t even have to put on a clean shirt if you don’t want to. No judging here.

Come to /r/business to share or seek advice on running a successful business, as well as avoiding mistakes that can lead to failure. This is an incredible resource at your fingertips. Just leave politics and remarks about corporate corruption at the door. Its frowned upon here.


We can’t describe it any better for ourselves, so we will quote directly from the main page. /r/Advertising is “ground zero for ad creators, students, copywriters, affiliates, and anyone else who is finely honing their reverse banner blindness for professional reasons.” This subreddit is an indispensable resource for experienced and green advertisers alike, but you would do well to avoid spamming your own material here as well.

Come to learn about and seek opportunities in the advertising industry and above all, come to be nice. Reddit uses an equally effective yet more straightforward and less G-rated way of explaining this in their /r/advertising rules, but we’ve decided to stick with, “Be nice.”


/r/smallbusiness is an extremely useful question and answer forum focused on starting, owning, taking over and operating a small business. If you can see the benefit of attending a small business conference in your local city but you prefer to avoid the cost and the hassle of traveling, this subreddit was created for you. It’s a simple learning tool for small business hopefuls and professionals. Blogspam links and anything other than text only posts focusing on small business operations are prohibited.

Are you ready to jump on reddit and get your free education on all aspects of your business and marketing strategies? You should be. A helpful and spam-protected resource such as this is simply invaluable to the growth of your brand. Take advantage as soon as you can!


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