The Best Promotional Products for Bars and Restaurants

For businesses in the food and beverage industry, promotional products can play extremely active roles in boosting marketing benefits by increasing patronage and enhancing customer relationships. Many restaurant and bar owners use promotional products with great success as incentive gifts for first time patrons, take home prizes for various menu item promotions or, for some large chains, on location retail sale items. If you own a business in the food and beverage service industry, taking advantage of these profitable tools is an extremely smart choice, but selecting the appropriate products for your particular customer base is very important. Here are a few promotional products that are perfect for bars and restaurants.

If you’ve ever been to a bar, or restaurant that serves drinks, you’ve probably noticed that many breweries provide their own custom glassware for serving their beers in as a way of branding themselves and their particular brews. This is a smart way of becoming a recognizable name amongst patrons at countless bars and restaurants and it’s a method that you could benefit from as well. One way to make your custom glassware work even harder for your marketing purposes is to offer it as a promotional take home gift with the order of a specific item on your food or drink menu.

Take a page from the book that music bands and sporting teams have been reading for years and invest in custom T-shirts and apparel. Apparel is one of the most popular promotional giveaways in the consumer world because people love clothes. It’s really that simple. Countless bars and restaurants have used custom apparel like t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats to increase exposure for their business, improve relationships with loyal patrons and even make some extra merchandising profit. Many bars even use custom shirts as prizes during activities like fundraisers and quiz nights.

Custom coasters can be inexpensive items used help protect the surfaces of your bar and tables which customers can either take them home or dispose of, or they can be valuable promotional giveaways or gifts for your most loyal patrons. There is such a wide range of quality and price points for custom coasters that any specific need can be met. As with T-shirts and glassware, they can also be used as purchasable good for large restaurant chains who sell their own merchandise, but they also make thoughtful appreciation gift for customers and employees.

Many restaurants and bars are seeing increased patronage and profit by expanding to include outdoor seating sections. When the weather is at its warmest, most customers love to have a meal or a drink in an outside setting. For venues that offer outside service, custom koozies are fun and unique giveaways that can make the most of any promotional marketing budget. This is an excellent way to provide customers with a playful gift that showcases your brand and also helps them keep their beverage cold in the heat.

Regardless of the type of bar or restaurant you manage or the budget you have available for marketing, it’s clear that a carefully selected promotional product can help you build meaningful relationships with the people that you serve and convert them to loyal patrons. Happy customers equal maximum profits.

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