The Best Promos for Messy People


You might know the type, or you might be the type. The type who finds eating a meal without wearing half of it a challenge, the type whose desk looks like a tornado came through and only hit that one isolated area or the type whose car looks like they’ve been living in it for the past year. We’re talking about messy people, and we either know them or we are them. Either way, Promotions Now is here to help!

Let’s face it. We’re all a bit messy – just some more so than others – and we could all use a little help. That’s why, among our thousands of useful products, we are fully stocked with promotional giveaways for people who are prone to clumsiness, a bit of untidiness and a lot of clutter. Here are our top choices.



You might not be able to cook a delicious meal without demolishing your entire kitchen, but that doesn’t mean your clothes have to suffer. Even the most careful of chefs wear aprons, so if you’re likely to varnish yourself in your own secret sauce, an apron is a good idea for you as well.  Keep yourself, your clients and your employees protected with one of our handy and effective custom aprons, cook shirts or chef hats to keep culinary art from painting itself all over your valuable attire.

Clothing Care


Speaking of clothing… If you’re a messy person, then your poor wardrobe is taking most of the abuse. That’s no way to treat that brand new shirt you thought you couldn’t live without just last month! It’s time to give your precious wardrobe the respect it deserves and help spread that love to your clients and employees with your own custom printed clothing care products. Don’t let one more fabulous piece of clothing suffer because of messiness.

Deodorant and Moist Towelettes


If you’ve ever been to a barbecue joint or sat down to a generous portion of buffalo chicken wings, you already know that a moist towlette can be a messy person’s best friend. Instantly turning hands from a hot mess to squeaky clean, promotional moist towlettes and wipes are the perfect custom giveaways that your customers don’t even realize they need. It’s a clever take on marketing that will impress your audience while saving them from sticky fingers.

These are just a few of the products for the not so neat and organized masses in your target audience. From Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers for keeping germs in check to Auto Organizers for making daily commutes clutter and chaos free, Promotions Now is chock full of custom gifts for everyone who could use just a little help. You know who you are.

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