How to Make Your Staff Happy from the Start With New Employee Welcome Gifts

Standing alone or as part if a gift package, these custom gifts will make your new hires feel confident about their recent job change.

As you welcome new employees into your growing business, it’s important to make them feel like a welcomed addition to the team. Whether you’re greeting new hires on their first day or leading a training seminar, going out of your way to make everyone feel like a significant part of a greater unit will help you make an excellent first impression for your business.

It’s well known that recognition and appreciation drives workforce performance but did you know that a complete lack of these types of auspicious efforts during the on-boarding process can actually keep employees from sticking around? In fact, HR Drive lists poor on-boarding practices as one of the leading reasons why 28% of new employees quit before their first 90 days at a new company. 

Hiring new employees takes time – and training can be both time consuming and expensive – but it doesn’t have to be a fruitless effort. On the contrary, you can greatly increase employee retention by adding a simple and effective employee welcome package to your orientation process. 

We can help you get started on the right foot and make your staff members happy from the start with new employee welcome gift ideas and tips on how to assemble a meaningful package. Here are a few of our top choices to help you establish a meaningful connection with new hires and, as a result, improve employee retention and overall morale.  

Force Translucent Titan Sport Bottle, 25oz., BPA Free

A water bottle is a simple and convenient gift befitting a broader range of individuals than a classic coffee mug. Your latest hire might not drink coffee or tea but everyone drinks water. We like the Force Translucent Titan Sport Bottle for the large assortment of color choices and its stylishly elegant design.

Vienna Italian UltraHyde Hard Bound JournalBook™

You don’t want your employees showing up to meetings without a means to take notes so, why not provide them with one? Also a great addition to your new employee welcome package, our Vienna Italian UltraHyde Hard Bound JournalBook™. This soft touch, hard cover journal also comes in a large collection of color choices to complement your company logo, which is debossed on the front cover.

Soft Surface Mouse Pad, 7″ x 8″

Another major office essential that your new employees probably shouldn’t have to spring for on their own is a mouse pad. Simple as they may be, mouse pads offer what is perhaps your greatest opportunity to make an impact with your brand. That’s due to the full color imprinting capability on styles like the 7″ x 8″ Soft Surface Mouse Pad, shown above. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Big things come in small packages.”? This is what can be said about promotional mouse pads.

Carter Quilted Polyester Cooler Bag

If you’re looking to create a gift package containing several branded items, our advice is to skip the gift bag and use a reusable grocery tote, a cinchpack or a lunch cooler – like Carter Quilted Polyester Cooler Bag, shown here – instead. Choose a product that serves a double purpose and is just as useful as your previously selected gifts to help you avoid wasting your budget and make an powerful first impression on your latest hires.

When it comes to selecting promotional products for your new employee welcome package, the sky’s the limit. You may run a tech company and therefore opt for a couple high-end gadgets that are sure to impress. Alternatively, you might be hiring a traveling representative that you prefer to present with custom leather luggage tags and a travel case. The important thing here is that you make the effort to welcome your new hires in a way that makes them feel like they made the right decision by joining your team. All it takes is a little consideration and a few custom printed gifts with your logo.

Please enjoy our New Employee Welcome Gifts Ideas video and feel free to use our ideas and suggestions for your own upcoming employee welcome event!

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