Stress Relief Edition: The Incredible Health Benefits of Promotional Stress Shapes

Seems like lately we could all benefit from giving a stress relief shape a good squeeze! Everybody likes a stress shape — especially when they revert back to their original shape, fully prepared to take on another stress relieving squish. We know the act of squeezing an inanimate object until its nearly unrecognizable has its anger and stress relieving effects but what many of us might not realize is that these squeezable little items also have real health benefits for those who indulge in an occasional squash session. Here are just a few of those impressive health benefits.

Muscle Relaxation

Yes, promotional stress balls do actually help relieve stress. That might seem obvious, given their name, but not everyone is aware that they actually work to relax their tightened muscles. Well, they do, so if you’re feeling stressed-out, grab hold of a stress relief ball and squeeze away! According to LiveStrong, the action of squeezing a promotional stress ball causes your muscles to tense up, which doesn’t sound particularly relaxing, but stick with us here for the good part. Once you loosen your grip, those same muscles will then relax. This seemingly simple — and fun! — action can serve to eliminate muscle tension, which relieves unwanted stress.

Forgetting Your Worries

Stress doesn’t cause itself. There’s always a source. That thought, conscious or unconscious, looming over you that’s causing you to worry and feel anxious. Just about everyone can relate right about now. However, stress is often the result of becoming too fixated on this troubling thought — again, either conscious or unconscious. So, how do you think about something else? By occupying your mind else-wise, which, surprisingly enough, can happen when you start to give that silly little shape a much needed squeeze. The act can pull you out your unpleasant reverie and force you to consider the item’s shape, its feel and even its branding. Once you’ve finished squeezing, you’ll be calmed enough to re-focus on your work.

Fitness for the Hands and Fingers

In addition to all these incredible stress relief benefits, the use of stress balls is also good for your hands and fingers — which is nice considering we’re not getting any relief from the threat of carpal tunnel syndrome while we plug away at our laptops at home! Sure enough, the act of repeatedly squeezing and releasing a stress ball improves the speed, agility, strength and coordination of your fingers, all at once.

Stimulating Nerves

Squeezing a stress toy is an easy way to stimulate the nerves in your hands. As an added benefit, these nerves carry signals to your brain, consequently stimulating the limbic system which then causes the release of endorphins. These unique and amazing little hormones can bring about relaxation, pain relief and even feelings of euphoria.

With all of these amazing physical and mental benefits, why wouldn’t you want to take some time each day to squeeze a stress toy? Especially now!

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