Stress Relief Edition: Aromatherapy & Scented Products to Calm and Relax the Mind

The current global pandemic, as well as the approach of National Stress Awareness Month in April, compels us to focus on stress management and relief items. Here is your first new Stress Relief Edition.

Olfactory senses can evoke emotional or psychological responses and even help recover memories, depending on the individual and the scent. It stands to reason, then, that pleasant scents such as vanilla, citrus or various floras are able to trigger cerebral responses that are also pleasant and even calming. That’s aromatherapy in a nutshell.

The fact that these positive responses to satisfying aromas also yield physical benefits is up to some medical debate but there are many who swear by it’s efficacy. All in all, it seems like aromatherapy certainly can’t hurt, so why not treat yourself, your newly working from home staff and even your community members to the gratifying experience of aromatherapy at this trying time in all of our lives?

Here are some of our favorite new aromatherapy and aromatic custom gifts to help you promote calm and spread some seriously positive vibes at the same time!

Essential Oils Duo with Electronic Diffuser Gift Set

This electric diffuser plugs right in to the nearest outlet to quickly fill the room with your choice of any 2 of our 10 essential oil blends. Each oil bottle holds 15 mL of a 100% pure essential oil blend. The choices are Cloud 9 (lemongrass & sandalwood), Exhale (eucalyptus & peppermint), Focus (peppermint & pine), Immunity (orange & clove), Invigorate (grapefruit & vanilla), Karma (almond & vanilla), Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Tranquility (lavender & chamomile). The entire set comes prepackaged in a beautiful gift box.

Aromatic Plush Lavender Purple Bear, 12″

If you thought the scents of lavender, jasmine and vanilla were uplifting, wait until you get your hands one of our Aromatic Plush Bears! Both comforting and adorable, each bear comes with a scented lavender bead pouch in the bottom in your choice of Lavender, Jasmine, Vanilla and Cinnamon. Each scent also has it’s own corresponding color – purple, blue, white and brown – and your choice of a customized t-shirt or bandana.

a•Roma™ Scented Stress Ball

An instant stress reducer, the a•Roma™ scented stress ball, not only lets you relieve some aggression with a good healthy squeeze but it also emits an uplifting scent. Choose from gumball (red), fresh apple (green), citrus blast (orange), and fresh berries (blue). Just squeeze each ball to diffuse the delicious aroma!

Essential Oil Infused Room Sprayer, 4oz.

You can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere, without having to light a candle or plug in a device, with one of our Essential Oil Infused Room Sprayers. Each 4 oz. bottle comes in your choice of 7 delightful essential oil blends, including Focus (peppermint & pine), Immunity (orange & clove), Cloud 9 (lemongrass & sandalwood), Karma (almond & vanilla), Exhale (eucalyptus & peppermint), Invigorate (grapefruit & vanilla) and Tranquility (lavender & chamomile). Add your important message in one or a full color imprint to make the most of your efforts.

Shop the rest of our aromatherapy collection, as well as our essential oils and bath salts, online or call our dedicated team for help at 800.378.6376. We’re here to help you make a difference!

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