See the Stress Relief Promos That Are Popular Right Now

“It happens to the best of us,” is a phrase that might be better suited to explaining the circumstances of stress in the work place than just about any other scenario. That’s because even the most capable and experienced of us can become frazzled and agitated by stress or anxiety at the most inopportune times.

Whether it comes on slowly or takes us by surprise, stress can take an individual who is currently winning at life and leave them completely failing to “adult” altogether. Lucky for you, however, there are some truly miraculous stress relieving giveaways at Promotions Now that will not only help you cope with stress but conquer your future branding strategy worries as well! Allow us to ease your mind – and your heart rate – by showing you the top selling stress relief promotional products for your upcoming marketing campaign.

Gravity GRIPPĀ® Stress Ball

The Gravity GRIPPĀ® Stress Ball has a weight of one pound, making it ideal for not just relieving stress but strengthening fingers, hands, wrists and forearms. Perfect for health clubs and gyms or offices where employees sit at a desk all day. Choose from 13 unique colors, including our popular blue and green globe design.

Anti-Stress Slime in a Tin

One of the hottest products in our stress relief and fun category is the Anti-Stress Slime in a Tin. Children and adults can’t seem to get enough of this gooey gook, which may feel wet to the touch but is actually dry on your fingers. After a few minutes of squeezing and squishing this remarkable goop, you won’t remember what you were ever stressing about.

Dancing Flower Solar-Powered Desk Toy

We challenge you to dwell upon the stresses of your day to day tasks while watching this delightful flower dance to your favorite tunes. The solar powered desktop accessory swings from side to side while it’s leaves bounce up and down in a glorious effort to cheer you up in no time.

If there is anyone who feels your pain, it’s this Pop’N Stressed Blue Stress Reliever! This unique little stress item features a message board that pops out to reveal your message or tagline when squeezed. These make great team gifts in any office setting.

Essential Oil Infused Room Sprayer

When you don’t have the time or the ability to enjoy your favorite aromatherapy candle scent, this Essential Oil Infused Room Sprayer is just the thing. Choose from a number of soothing essential oil blends, like Lavender and Chamomile Tranquility, and then simply spray your worries away!

Stress-O-Meter Ruler, 6″

This 2-in-1 ruler and thermo-sensitive stress tester can help you keep track of your stress levels with a quick and simple color test. Simply press the tester square with your thumb and watch it change color to indicate your current stress level. Each ruler includes U.S. and metric measurements as well as your custom logo in full color, on one side.

Want to see more great ideas in stress relief promotional products? Come on over to our enormous online shop to see how you can fight stress with a little fun – and grow your brand at the same time! Don’t forget to use our February coupon code: FEBFREESHIP to get free shipping up to a $75 value on orders of $350 or more!

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