Sales Conferences to Attend in 2015


Every business relies on sales and marketing in order to generate revenue. In order to do this, a business needs strong sales and marketing teams and quality leaders for both. While workers who are in sales and marketing will learn while on the job and become more adept, there is still more that can be done to improve their game. Employers need to recognize markets and the way sales works is changing more rapidly today than ever before. This means fostering self-development in employees is paramount to improving their abilities, which will translate into greater success for business. One of the best ways to do this is by having sales and marketing employees attend conferences where they can learn from workshops and network with others in their field.  So let’s take a glance at this year’s top conferences to attend:

EcSell Institute’s Sales Coaching Summit 2015

EcSell Institute has condensed improving your sales team performance into six easy and straightforward steps. Their sales coaching summit’s answer for reaching peak performance and proficiency in a sales team is having a leader who can coach well. A strong sales coach can increase employee productivity and loyalty.  Their mantra focuses on self-development for the leaders of sales departments who need opportunities to network with others in their position. This allows them to learn best practices and discuss experiences with peers. They will have esteemed instructors such as Scott Bornstein, Rochelle Carrington and more. The Sales Coaching Summit will be held in Scottsdale, AZ on the weekend of May 5 & 6.

Sales 2.0 2015

With technology and social media continuously evolving every year, the world has become a lot more complex and customers have access to a lot more information.  Sales 3.0’s conference focusses on improving sales and marketing employees’ skills and abilities in data, analytics, social selling and more.  Today a sales person needs to be more engaged and attuned to their customer’s needs and capabilities.  Customers are looking for a sales person to give them a simple solution which they can trust and will fit their lifestyle/needs.  There are two Sales 2.0 Conferences this year.  The first is March 16 in Philadelphia and the second is April 27-28 in San Francisco.

DreamForce 2015

Dreamforce is the world’s largest software conference.  The conference sees attendees from all over the world and covers new technology and software that will be entering the sales world.  Attendees who come to the conference have reported increases in sales productivity, customer satisfaction, and much more.  This is conference brings people together and discusses new apps and other best practices that can help businesses of all sizes.  This year’s conference will be from September 15-18 in San Francisco.

AA–ISP 2015

The Annual AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit brings together some of the world’s best leaders in sales.  Their event is packed with innovative topics, best practices, and much more to improve your sales organization.  This conference is dedicated exclusively to Insider Sales Leadership.  This is an excellent opportunity for those in similar roles to network, connect, and discuss with one another.  This year’s 7th Annual AA-ISP Inside Sales Leadership Summit is April 21-22 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.


INBOUND is a major conference on the east coast in Boston, MA that is held between September 8-11. It boasts over 170 educational sessions and six inspiring keynotes.  This conference’s goal is to provide education and connections that can transform your business.  Each day has opportunities for inbound marketers and sales professionals to learn about new strategies from top presenters, as well as improve their education in website creation and other field related software.  In 2014 they had over 10,000 attendees and 2015 looks to be an even larger year than ever before.

These are just some of the great sales conferences happening in 2015. Are you planning on attending any of these sales conferences this year or any others? Let us know where you’re going!

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