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Promotional Football

Can you believe it? We can’t. It looked to be impossible, but they did it. They actually did it. Yes, that New Jersey-based professional football team of unusually large size got rid of the goose egg in its wins columns Monday night by overcoming another woeful team, albeit one that had looked marginally better than the Giants had to that point. It looks like Josh Freeman isn’t the answer at QB in Minnesota, but then again, maybe having your new quarterback throw the ball 53 times in one game isn’t the best of strategies. Even Mr. Air Game himself, Andy Reid, probably wouldn’t have gotten that pass-happy.

And speaking of poor decision-making, what the heck was with the Eagles’ Nick Foles holding onto the ball for so long? Dallas was doing a good job of keeping his receivers covered up downfield for most of the day, but Foles moves with all the speed and grace of a Corvette with a bum spark plug and a tank full of diesel — seriously, that rush he had in the first half may be gotten the job done, but it sure wasn’t pretty — which means he’s going to get hit if he holds onto the ball for too long. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened in the third quarter, and he left the game with “concussion-like symptoms.” Now the Eagles are looking at starting Matt Barkley at QB Sunday against Jersey A if Michael Vick hasn’t recovered from his own injuries in time. Ruh-roh.

Week 7 proved that taking a gamble sometimes pays off in the NFL, though. Did you miss it? It was Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and his franchise QB offering it up. Irsay’s put up with a lot of lambasting over his decision to part ways with Peyton Manning, who will be on the first post-retirement bus to Canton, in favor of drafting Andrew Luck and starting a new chapter for the team. Manning’s Broncos were undefeated going into Sunday’s game against the Colts. No doubt much of the flak Irsay’s taken has been justified and brought on by his own public statements on the move, but Denver’s goose egg in the loss column is now as much ancient history as is Jersey A’s in the win column. It’s too early to say that Irsay made the right move, but for one night at least, Luck outplayed his predecessor and made Irsay look a lot smarter than he looked before kickoff.

Football-Themed Promo Items

But that’s all last week’s news now. It’s on to Week 8 next, and you’re surely as excited for all the action as we are. Heck, even fútbol fans have got to be pumped to see where the season takes us next. Sure, they may act uninterested, but you just know they’re secretly tuning in every Sunday and Monday…and sometimes Thursdays and Saturdays. (Maybe.) Sadly, everyone’s favorite team can’t always win every Sunday. But if you’re into promotional products as much as you’re into football — and I’ll go ahead and make the leap to assuming you are since you’re reading a blog about football-themed promotional products — then you can always win with your promotions.

Promotions Now has dozens of promotional football-themed giveaway items that are perfect for school team fundraisers, sports bars, recreational football leagues or any organization that wants to get noticed by taking advantage of the popularity of the sport. Here’s how to do it.

Bar Football Promotions

If you own a bar you know how important it us to cater to the football crowd from the first snap of the preseason all the way up to the moment Roger Goodell presents the Lombardi Trophy. Before the season starts, the best way to get people excited about enjoying NFL action at your bar is to host fantasy football drafts. But we’re almost midway through the season now. How do you keep the pigskin faithful coming back for more? Give away weekly football prizes tied to fantasy stats and brand them with your name and logo! Everyone loves prizes and everyone loves football. Make them love both at your bar.

Football-Themed Weddings

Fellas, this may surprise you, but football isn’t just for us. ESPN reported last February that 44 percent of the NFL’s fans are females, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how to enjoy football together every Sunday…until death do you part. For true football fan couples, it’s impossible to be too dedicated to Game Day, even if it happens to be the same day as the Big Day. Line of scrimmage wedding poses, football-themed cakes, football giveaway items and even football jerseys are not only acceptable at real fans’ weddings, they’re considered to be proper etiquette.

Football and Your Business: Team Sports

A team that works as efficiently as the Denver Broncos’ offense is a recipe for success in any industry. Wouldn’t it be great if your staff functioned like that, even calling audibles and quickly making adjustments when it gets to the line and doesn’t like the look of the defense? Of course it would! And practice in business, as in football, makes perfect. Try hosting football-themed team-building exercises and give a few of these activities a go to strengthen your team’s bonds.

It almost sounds too good to be true, but football has the potential to make everything more successful. If your branding needs to make some changes to get to the promised land, then let Health Promotions Now step in as your promotions coordinator and put a new scheme in place. The defense won’t know what hit it.

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