It’s Random Act of Kindness Week!


International Random Acts of Kindness Week is going on right now and that means that this is the time to stay extra vigilant for opportunities to show just how kind and caring you all truly are! We should all make an effort to be kind to others every single day, but this week in particular we want to make a bigger deal about it. Here’s why.

During Random Acts of Kindness Week, or RAK Week, the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation showcases acts of kindness on their website and on social media as a way of turning kindness not only into just a week-long celebration, but into a normal every day habit. Performing random acts of kindness is proven to improve the health and happiness in every person. It helps to increase energy, improve our outlooks on the world around us as well as our self-esteem and it decreases anxiety, depression and blood pressure. If those aren’t sufficient enough reasons to start being kind to everyone around you then about this? It just feels really nice!

Now that you know how a random act of kindness can improve the well being of just one person, imagine what it could do for many people, or even the entire world? It takes just one person to get the wave of kindness started, and just like Mahatma Gandhi said, you should “be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Therefore, if you want to live in a kinder, more caring world, it’s time to start performing random acts of kindness today!

Here is how you can get involved with RAK Week:

1.    Perform one or as many random acts of kindness as you can. Remember that kindness and its positive effects are contagious, so spread the good vibes as much as possible. Something as small as complimenting a person on a job well done at work, or even offering to take the trash out for an elderly neighbor will do. There are many ways to show you care.

2.    Share your experience on social media along with the hashtag #RAKWeek2015 in order to help the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation flood the web with kindness and reach their goal of 100,000 recorded acts of kindness by February 15th. There is far too much negativity on social media these days. Here is the perfect opportunity to turn that around.

3.    Spread the word and share the #RAKWeek2015 Mission with at least one other person on social media or by word of mouth!

Let’s all start performing random acts of kindness this week and paying it forward in a big way!

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