A Quick Guide To Employee Appreciation & Recognition Gifts

It is that time of year that every marketing coordinator and human resources assistant dreads. It is time to decide on your company’s holiday employee recognition and appreciation gifts. Countless hours in meetings are spent focusing on the one gift that provides mass appeal to your employees, provides enough customization options to satisfy even the most picky executives, and at the same time makes you and your team shining stars of the company. Not an easy task, is it?

While a “thank-you” and a hearty pat on the back for a job well done is wonderful and an additional “zero” in a year end bonus is even better, it is these appreciation gifts that the company will remember for years to come. After the bonus has been spent and the “thank you” fades away, it is these gifts that will be remembered long after the company’s holiday celebration has ended.  Let’s make it count, shall we?

iPad and Tablet Cases


At this point, what household doesn’t own an iPad or other tablet device? With that said, how important is it to protect that investment? VERY! Consider the cost to repair and replace and iPad’s glass screen and you can see why protecting the device is important. Now imagine you giving this security as an appreciation gift. You’ve not only have given a gift of protection, you have given a gift that is sure to be used again and again. That is an appreciation gift that is sure to actually be appreciated!



Jackets and Outerwear

 promotional jackets

Want to reward your employees with a thoughtful gift that they are sure to use? When winter comes nothing is more appreciated than a warm, comfortable jacket, coat or accessory. The good news is that you are certain to find the perfect style, the right colors, and the options you need – all while promoting your brand. Lightweight fabrics or heavy-duty coats to keep away winter’s chill…either way you go you know you are giving an appreciation gift that is practical, fashionable, and sure to be used. That’s the goal here, right?



Food Gift Sets

promotional gift sets

 Barring those who might have allergic reactions to certain food groups, very few would argue that receiving a delicious food gift basket is a bad thing. Just don’t stop at chocolates though. Today, you can find gift baskets in a massive variety of styles and options to please any palette. From wine and cheese gift baskets to simple treats like popcorn and candy, food gift baskets and recognition gifts have come a long way from just fruit and chocolate options. Be creative and you’ll be surprised at the options you can find.

For more fantastic ideas check out our full line of employee appreciation gifts – all sorted by budget! We have our popular “Under $5” store, our “Under $8” as well as our “under $15” and “under $25” online shops.

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