Promotional Bags 101: Nylon, Polyester & Polypropylene

Custom Bags and Totes are some of the most popular items we offer at Promotions Now, and the team has noticed that our customers’ most commonly asked questions are about the various materials our bags are made out of and what the differences between them are. Well, we want you to be completely educated and savvy before making your purchase; so we have decided to focus on nylon, polyester and polypropylene and explain the differences between the materials and why they might be right for you.


Nylon is the strongest and most durable of the 3 materials listed here. It is shrink and mildew resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 490 degrees Fahrenheit. You probably weren’t planning on sticking your nylon tote bag in the oven, but that is still a pretty impressive fact.

Because of its superior strength and stretchability, it is more a bit expensive than the other materials although it is still an excellent value. Items on our website that are made from nylon include flexi flyers, cooler bags, cinchpacks and backpacks. The material doesn’t float and can absorb water so you will want to look elsewhere for a bag that is water proof and can protect your belongings from getting wet.


Polyester is a multi-purpose, mid-grade material between Nylon and Polypropylene. It is lightweight and affordable and as a result it is used to make numerous types of products. Promotions Now products made from polyester range from messenger bags, tote bags and backpacks to apparel, caps and lanyards.

The material is extremely UV resistant, mildew resistant and absorbs less water than Nylon, but cannot float. It can protect your belongings from water a bit more than Nylon can, but it can’t save them from drowning.


Polypropylene is the most budget friendly choice of the 3 materials but less durable and resistant to shrinking. It is more widely used in nonwoven totes bags and drawstring backpacks but is also popular in cooler bags because of its insulating capabilities. In other words, if you want to tote your beer or other cold beverages around, this is your material!

Polypropylene does not absorb water and also floats so it is ideal for events or situations where water proofing your belongings is a concern. It is mildew resistant like the other materials, but less UV resistant and less capable of withstanding extremely hot temperatures.

Now that you have a better understanding of these three amazing, multiuse materials, you should be able to easily decide which type of custom promotional bag is right for you and your special event. As always, however, if you have additional questions about bags and their materials, our dedicated team is always available to help!

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