Promos For A Cause

Promotions Now is proud to support organizations who are making efforts to improve the world around them through charity and awareness. We are a family owned and operated business who believes in the power of community and taking positive action in order to bring about positive change. This is why we have created Promos for a Cause.

Promos for a Cause is a monthly giveaway program that was started in order to help assist groups and organizations that are making generous contributions to society. By supporting charitable causes through promotion and fund raising, people can make a positive impact on those around them and on the world at large. Through Promos for a Cause, we are taking the opportunity to show our appreciation for these efforts, reward good deeds and help perpetuate philanthropic endeavors.

Every month we award $500 worth of promotional products to an organization with a noble mission.   Applications are reviewed by our committee and decisions are made based on the each group’s particular cause and need for assistance. Any charitable organization can enter and winners can select any product found online, at our website. Multiple products adding up to the award limit are also permitted.

So far, Promos for a Cause has been a great success and we have donated to children’s charities, health initiatives, schools and other various organizations. Notable past recipients have included HOPE for k.i.d.s., Lawrence County Cancer Patient Services, Texas Dental Association Smiles Foundation, Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency, the Autism Cares Foundation and many others.

Our most recent recipient for June, 2014 was Hoorah 2 Heroes, an organization that honors the military and all those who risk their lives to save others. They are an exemplary group that raises funds and awareness for hero oriented charities and causes and we are more than happy to have helped them with their efforts.

Promotions Now VP, Keith Zimmermann says about the program, “Promos for a Cause is one of my favorite things about Promotions Now. Contrary to what you hear in the daily media, there are so many good people out there trying to make a difference. Promos for a Cause is our little way of saying “thank you” to those organizations. In the past year, we have helped schools, fire departments, children’s groups, non- profit organizations and fallen officer foundations to thank their volunteers, remember their lost ones and help those in need. It’s very satisfying to hear back from grant recipients about the difference our products made in their organization.”

If you know of a charitable or humanitarian organization that could benefit from our program, please let them know about Promos for a Cause. We encourage and look forward to many new entries every month! Together we can do great things!

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