Product Review: The Metal Bluetooth Brick Speaker


Our team recently decided to test out one of the Bluetooth speakers from our line and take a stab at performing a product review. The speaker of choice was the Metal Bluetooth Brick Speaker, which we all just happen to have gotten as a holiday gift from our generous leaders at Promotions Now. Given that our own personnel was confident enough in this product to select it as the company-wide gift, we were already expecting a decent performance from it, but to our surprise what we actually got was an outstanding performance!

What is it? 

The Brick is a high definition 3.0 wireless Bluetooth speaker with a 30 foot range and a built in 1200 mAh lithium ion battery. In case you’re wondering, yes, that means you can charge this speaker with the same power bank you use to charge your cell phone on the go. All of this, in combination with dynamic stereo sound, comes neatly placed in an attractive box with the Brick branding on it.

3 Step Trial

To be able to review this product as accurately as possible, we first used it every day for a week, during our free time, in order to test the battery’s endurance as well as the speaker’s resilience to heavy usage. The Brick scored an A+ in both departments for never faltering during non-stop usage and hardly ever needing a recharge within the duration of the week. In fact, after using the speaker every morning before work, it only needed to be recharged when the weekend finally arrived.

The second stage of our review was what we like to call the “Saturday Night Party Test”. This is a highly scientific experiment in which we throw a party and hope the music lasts longer than the guests do. The speaker scored an A+ once again. In just under 4 ¼ hours, our party guests were tuckered out and deciding to call it a night while the music was still going strong. As a matter of fact, it played through till after we cleaned up and turned it off for the night. During the festivities the Brick’s volume was more than sufficiently loud enough to be heard by all and was eventually turned down a notch for a game of Cranium. All in all we have to say that this Bluetooth speaker performed admirably.

The third and final testing stage for our review was completely unexpected but speaks highly about the Bluetooth Brick speaker. Upon returning to work the following week and reporting our findings to one another, a number of our team complained that either a better half or a roommate living under the same roof had taken the speaker for their own use without permission. We’re putting that nicely. To be blunt, the speakers were getting stolen by our loved ones! Admittedly, we think there is probably no better evidence of superiority for a product than being coveted to the point of inciting Kleptomania.

Final Analysis

Needless to say our team has decided to give the Metal Bluetooth Brick Speaker a resounding thumbs up. It boasts crystal clear, stereo quality sound, plenty of volume coming from a small, portable device, long lasting durability for the speaker as well as the battery and an attractive design. Unfortunately we can’t do anything about wives, husbands and buddies who might attempt to snatch it, but we are still very happy to be able to extend the pleasure of owning this incredible Bluetooth speaker to all of you!



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