Pinterest For Businesses 101

Since its launch in March of 2010, Pinterest has become one of the leading free social network services available online. The virtual inspiration board has grown to accommodate a staggering 70 million users and 1090 visits to the site per minute. Although many people use Pinterest as a source for personal inspiration and an enjoyable pastime, it can actually serve as a highly effective tool for bringing more traffic to your business’ website. Very quickly Pinterest has become a major player in the marketing world of social media, especially benefitting ecommerce and retail businesses. Studies have shown that 47% of online shoppers in the US have made purchases based on a Pinterest recommendation. Your business would be missing out on a huge opportunity for increasing web traffic if you didn’t consider Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy.

If you have decided to utilize Pinterest to help drive more business to your website, then the first place to begin is to develop a Pinterest account using your company brand as your user name. Having a clear focus on what goods and services you want to showcase will make your boards much more user friendly. Make sure they are specific to your products. For example, you may want to keep all of your sale items on one board or have boards based on suggestions for your customers, like the best tote bags for tradeshows. There should be no doubts on the part of your customers about what your Pinterest boards are representing and how they can benefit their particular needs.


Using appealing imagery for your products’ pins will draw attention to them and attract as many viewers as possible. Each pin description should be comprehendible, categorical and, most importantly, they should include links back to the product pages on your website. Links between your Pinterest and your company’s website will help keep customers acquainted with your brand and increase your business’ online success rate.

Once your Pinterest boards are set up and ready for viewing, you should remember to include a ‘Pin It’ button on your own website. Many Pinterest users have a Pin It button installed in their browsers’ toolbars, but for those who don’t, as well as for the sake of simplicity and maximizing the amount of pins from your website directly to Pinterest, you should have your own Pin It button installed.

As your Pinterest boards start to attract attention from potential customers, you should stay communicative with visitors by commenting on feedback and repining interesting items. Offering specials in exchange for repins, or positive comments and reviews, is a great way to stay in contact with your customers while also having them share your products and ideas to new prospective customers. With just a few simple maneuvers you can make Pinterest work for your business’ website as an efficient and powerful marketing tool.

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