Outreach and Marketing for Churches

Promoting growth for your church community may seem like a difficult or overwhelming undertaking, but there are some very simple yet effective steps you can take to delicately spread your message and help bring in new members to your congregation.

Referral through member relations:

Focusing on your relationships with existing members is a great way to attract new ones. Learn about them in order to meet their individual needs and make sure they are happy and satisfied. Most new church members are personally invited by existing ones. Existing members who feel they belong to an exceptional community are most likely to invite friends and family to join them.

Web and online marketing:

Having a regularly updated website or specifically themed blog can go a long way to help your new and loyal members feel connected to their church community. They can also share your information with others through their own channels of social media like Facebook or Twitter. Also, allowing members to “check-in” on Foursquare or Facebook when they enter your location is an easy way to spread your message and get noticed.

Email Newsletters:

Another way to stay connected with existing members and provide them with information that they can share with others is by sending email newsletters. This is a great avenue for acknowledging members’ achievements, welcoming new attendees, circulating a ‘Prayer List’ and keeping everyone informed on upcoming events and services. You can also remind your audience to invite others to these functions.

Promotional Handouts and Gifts:

Handing out thoughtful, low cost gifts with your message and contact information on them is a great way to get your missive spread even further. Many promotional items for churches exist that can do double duty of providing your recipients with your contact information and letting them know that you appreciate their fellowship. This is a simple way to make your parishioners feel special and important to you.

Hosting Events:

Hosting social events is an excellent way to further improve your relationship with the community and provide fun and safe activities for families. These are also the perfect opportunities to distribute promotional handouts and gifts. Many church appropriate events such as holiday or music festivals, family game nights and live theater events are comfortable for newcomers to attend. You can also use these events as a chance to learn about what members like and would prefer for future events and services. Constant communication is the key to growing your congregation as much as possible.

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