Shop Our Top Tradeshow Giveaways For Less Than $2 Each!

There’s no doubt one of the simplest ways to make a meaningful impact on trade show attendees is by giving a promotional gift, but, for large-scale events, the budget often becomes the most important piece of criteria for picking out the right item. That’s where we come in!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite giveaways from our Tradeshow Giveaway Ideas & Promotions Under $2 Specialty Store to show you just how easy it is to make a little go a long way. Here are a few of our top choices.

Circle Full-Color Hand Fan

You might be thinking that a hand fan is a little less than impressive, but then you might not have ever seen a convention center, or even a city, filled with people all carrying the same brightly colored and cleverly branded accessory. It makes quite an eye-catching and permanent impression. What’s more, these full-color versions can be had for as little as $0.73 each!

Doodle Inspirations Adult Coloring Book

One way to make yourself stand out at a crowded trade show is to give something that is currently on trend.  Although, that can be challenging when your budget needs to be stretched. You would make a major impact if you gave everyone a YETI tumbler, but you would also go bankrupt. Lucky for you, however, finding the products that are all the rage for a minimal cost is our specialty. Introducing our Doodle Inspirations line of adult coloring books for as low as $1.95 per piece!

Timeline Jewel-Tone Non-Woven Business Tote

If your looking for a giveaway that’s useful and convenient, you can get a custom printed tote bag that’s not only big enough to hold all the materials your trade show attendees will be collecting throughout the day but also budget-friendly enough for you to distribute them to absolutely everyone. The Timeline Jewel-Tone Non-Woven Business Tote has a zippered compartment for extra security and is available for as little as $1.65 each.

Gourmet Butter Popcorn Bag, Single

A tasty snack is absolutely sure to bring attention to your trade show booth! Not sure if you should go with sweet or savory? Our research and experience shows that popcorn is a crowd favorite. It’s delicious and safe for just about any type of dietary restriction. Our custom printed Gourmet Butter Popcorn Bags can run as low as $1.11 per unit.

Port & Company® 100% Cotton Men’s Tee, White

If you’re will to spend slightly more for a product that everyone in the convention center will get excited about, our Port & Company 100% Cotton Men’s Tees can run you as little as an incredible $2.49 each! This classic cotton tee is sure to be a trade show favorite and you can leave a lasting impression for less than what you pay for your morning coffee!

Shop our specialty store for many more amazing tradeshow giveaways for just $2 or less and make your upcoming conventions work for you this season!

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