One Surprising Custom Giveaway That Helps Fight Flu Season Germs

With the demand for – and subsequent shortage of – hand sanitizer at an all-time extreme, we’re focusing on one possible unsung hero in the fight against germs.

If you’ve visited your local pharmacy or even spoken one of our team members recently, you know all to well about the serious shortage of hand sanitizer. It’s due to recent information made available to the public that the frequent washing of hands with soap and water, or the use of santizer when soap and water are not accessible, can greatly reduce your chances of contracting the flu, as well as the more recent novel virus called coronavirus.

According to the CDC, such diseases are spread through respiratory droplets, like those from coughs and sneezes and, although you may be able to avoid coming into contact with sick individuals, these droplets can contaminate surfaces that you touch on a daily basis. This is why it’s more important than ever to wash hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, and to use anti-bacterial hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, whenever soap and running water are not available to you.

This brings us to the latest issue at hand. While its clear we’ve been doing our best to keep our hands clean and preparing for a possible state of emergency lockdown by stocking up on soap and sanitizer, one of the most commonly contaminated items at our fingertips may be getting overlooked. Our smart phones.

The Daily Mail recently reported that Apple has amended its guidelines on iPhone maintenance to say customers can use disinfecting wipes and isopropyl alcohol to clean their devices. This comes after a longtime belief that such substances could be harmful to expensive handheld smart devices. It also reveals that one of our custom products not currently wiped out, like santizer sprays and gels, is likely the next big gun in our disease prevention fight against germs. Microfiber screen and glasses cleaning cloths!

While it’s still not recommended we start dousing our smart phones in rubbing alcohol – Apple explicitly states that customers should not spray cleaners directly onto their devices – keeping those screens clean is still just as important as the washing of our hands. What they do suggest is to spray a soft cloth or tissue first and then apply the disinfectant. Enter microfiber cleaning cloths, which are constructed of a super-soft fabric that never scratches surfaces and can be washed and reused to prevent waste. Here are just a few from our extensive collection of custom printed microfiber cloths.

MicroBuff™ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The MicroBuff™ Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is perfect for eyeglasses, cell phones and other digital devices. It features re-positionable Sticky Pad Technology® on the back for easy storage on the back or case of your device. The item is machine washable and includes your imprint in full color process.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case

This 6″ W x 6″ H cloth made of 220 gram microfiber is a customer favorite, easily stowed away in a pocket, purse, glasses case or glove compartment. The included case helps keep your cloth fresh and dust free and includes your imprint in one standard PMS color.

Pocket Microfiber Lens Cloth Key Chain

It doesn’t get more convenient than the Pocket Microfiber Lens Cloth Key Chain, which is a key chain that contains a soft microfiber cloth inside. The convenient size fits almost anywhere an your important health message is included in one standard color.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 7″ x 9″

This larger sized Microfiber Cleaning Cloth features an eye-catching full color imprint on the entire surface, allowing you to show off your logo and provide plenty of health and prevention information on the surface. Various packaging options for this item are available.

This is just a tiny selection from our extensive line of microfiber cell phone cleaning cloths. If you’re looking for a helpful giveaway during this flu season, be sure to check out the collection, today!

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