New Products Offer Extra Defense Against Germs & Bacteria

Have you ever used your hand sanitizer gel to sanitize the outside of your sanitizer bottle? We’re here to tell you that you are not alone! In the time of Covid-19, we’ve all started to analyze every aspect of our daily lives in relation to the germs and bacteria we come into contact with… and the result has been an overwhelming sense of germaphobia. We are not here to shame you about this fact. This is a safe place – and we get it.

We are here, however, to blow your socks off with a new line of products that can literally save the day! That is, they can save you – and your targets – the time spent sanitizing all the things, nearly every single day. More time for hobbies, anyone? Here they are!

MicroHalt Bike Bottle Flip Top Cap, 24 oz., Full Color Imprint

This classic, 24 oz. sport bottle with a groove grip design and a wide mouth opening is manufactured with an antimicrobial additive which prevents the growth and spread of bacteria. That’s right! The additive never wears off and is capable of neutralizing over 99% of active bacteria! You can love your water bottle again – especially with your logo in full color for all to see.

MicroHalt Clean Key Stylus & Multi-Tool, Full Color Imprint

New hands-free, contactless tools are the key to navigating day-to-day life in the time of the pandemic, but what about the germs or bacteria it picks up along the way? The newest MicroHalt Clean Key Stylus & Multi-Tool is the perfect solution. It’s also treated with the same microbial additive that never wears off and effectively eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, so you no longer have to cringe at the thought of putting this handy multi-tool back in your pocket or handbag after use!

MicroHalt Click Pen & Stylus

They’re the most popular of all promotional products and you collect them at banks, schools and numerous businesses. Unfortunately, promo pens can be quite the carriers of bacteria and germs for this reason! Just the thought of tossing one in your handbag next to your lip balm is enough to bring on the cold sweats! Well, fear not because the new Microhalt Click Pen and Stylus removes the risk and also provides users with a handy stylus for using on ATMs, payment stations and mobile devices. The colored barrel with silver accents features your imprint in one standard color.

MicroHaltâ„¢ Shopping Basket/Cart Handle Coverz, 2 Pack

Even if you’ve been working from home and avoiding social gatherings, there’s one place almost all of us end up eventually. The grocery store. Most supermarket chains are doing their part by cleaning carts and providing customers with santizer wipes – but you were just sanitizing the outside of your santizer bottle, remember? For maximum risk reduction, our new MicroHaltâ„¢ Shopping Basket/Cart Handle Coverz are just the ticket! The antimicrobial coating means you won’t have to waste precious sanitizer on them and the handy carabiner helps keep them on hand! This particular version comes in a pack of 2.

MicroHalt Western Saddle Key Tag

Everything really does come back in style again. Case in point, the Western Saddle Key Tag. It’s one of the most remarkable vintage revivals in promotional products and we’re loving it – especially now that they too come with the same protective MicroHalt coating that we’ve been singing our praises to this whole time. This truly classic plastic key tag kills bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause human illness while promoting your brand in a fun and surprisingly stylish way!

MicroHalt Toothbrush Cover, Full Color Imprint

Here’s something that should have existed since 3000 BC. Fun fact, that’s when the first semblance of a toothbrush, called a chew stick, was invented. Unfortunately, the ancient chew stick was probably riddled with bacteria (here come the cold sweats again), but our modern toothbrushes don’t have to be – especially when we travel! The new MicroHalt Toothbrush Cover is made of durable, antimicrobial plastic and does the ever so important job of protecting your toothbrush, at home or while traveling. It’s a chew stick miracle!

This is just a small sampling of our new MicroHalt and Antimicrobial Products Collection. Be sure to check it out and ask your dedicated team if you can get yours in time for your upcoming events. Your event attendees, customers and employees will thank you!

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