Movie-Themed Snack Gifts Sure to be a Blockbuster Hit

It seems like everyone has been heading to the theaters lately, especially since Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened with an astonishing $120.5 million gross profit on just its first day, this past weekend. That’s an incredible record-breaking release, but it’s not the only film attracting a mass audience to the cinema. Earlier in the month, another hit movie, the holiday horror, Krampus, opened with a $30.5 million dollar starting weekend. Yes, the film industry and theaters are certainly doing a successful job of luring major crowds and interest – and one of the biggest perks to seeing a brand new flick at the theater is the incredible selection of delicious snacks they have to offer.

Whether you go to the movies because you’re a passionate film buff or you just need something to do on Friday night, it’s safe to assume that the various theater snacks you can enjoy while watching your movie of choice are part of the draw. At Promotions Now, we have all of these delicious cinematic snacks and more! Here is a small selection of what we have to offer for your next movie theater themed snack giveaways.

Chocolate Raisins Custom Movie Theater Candy Box


Chocolate covered raisins have been a favorite movie theater snack since the late 1920s when the Blumenthal Brother Chocolate Company of Philadelphia first produced them. Now they are as much of a movie theater snack staple as popcorn and Twizzlers. Now, thanks to Promotions Now, you can provide them to your event attendees in a cleverly designed movie theater themed box with your own important message included.

Butter Popcorn Box


If chocolate covered raisins are a staple at the movie theater, then popcorn is an absolute necessity. The popularity of popcorn at the cinema can be dated back to the dawn of “talkies”, or movies with audible dialogue, which opened the theater up for the enjoyment of all types of audiences. Along with an entertaining movie experience, theater goers wanted their beloved, salty, buttery and inexpensive snack of choice. You can preserve this age-old tradition and provide a surefire hit gift to your movie-loving customers with our custom printed butter popcorn box. Decorated with the classic white and red popcorn container designs, your own full-color customization adds the final finishing touch.

Open Top Movie Pack


If you prefer variety to just one beloved movie theater snack, we have the perfect match. The open top movie pack includes Twizzlers®, Raisinettes®, Swedish Fish®, and Wise® Popcorn, all packaged together in a classic red and white popcorn container with gift wrap and a red bow. The perfect movie theater themed snack gift for film fans of all ages; Add your full-color logo to the box to help you make a major impression for your brand.

Large Movie Time Bucket


We’ve taken the Open Top Movie Pack and supersized it with our exclusive Large Movie Time Bucket. Enough snacks for the entire family are packed into this movie theater-style popcorn bucket, including Lifesaver gummies, Jujubes, Lemondheads, Mike & Ike, Raisinettes, Skittles, Whoppers and buttery microwave popcorn. Once packaged together, each bucket is wrapped and tied with a custom printed ribbon.

Movie Reel Tin


Another fun and clever movie-themed snack gift is the Movie Reel Tin filled with Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids. Add your own logo to the center of the lid and this will quickly become a movie lover’s, as well as a sweet tooth’s, absolute dream giveaway, with or without a big blockbuster film to go see.

If you’re still looking for movie and theater themed snack gifts, just check out our collection of custom candy and snacks in containers to find the custom giveaway that’s sure to be a major hit with your audience this season.

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