Marketing Strategy: 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing with Promotional Products

One of the major advantages of marketing with promotional products is that they can be customized and implemented in a huge variety of ways. However, this incredible versatility can both help and hurt. As a marketer, you are given a virtually endless array of choices, from product selection and decoration to implementation and distribution, but this same smorgasbord of options can open you up to the possibility of making mistakes along the way.

Here are 3 very common mistakes to avoid on your road to successful marketing with promotional products.

Forgetting about the needs and interests of your target audience.

An extremely common mistake when selecting promotional products is to choose an item that you like, rather than one your target audience will like. As a business owner, marketer or both, you know who your current customers or clients are and, in turn, you know who your prospects are as well. In point of fact, you have all the information you need to select an item that will appeal to them specifically.

A promotional item that appeals to young professionals will most likely not have the same effect on families – and an item that is sure to be a big hit with families will probably fall flat with students. Are you looking to target all of these people? Awesome! However, you might need to accomplish this with more than one type of promo. Lucky for you, we literally have it all and, even luckier, we can accommodate any budget. We’ve got you covered! All you have to do is keep your specific demographic in mind when you’re ready to place an item in your shopping cart.

Failing to make a logistical plan for distribution.

Once you’ve decided which products to give to your audience, it’s time to figure out how. Implementation and distribution¬†of promotional items are not always taken into account as thoroughly as they should be but a little planning can help you maximize your ROI.

The best place to start is to ask yourself what you want your new promotional products to help you accomplish. Do you want new customers to become returning customers? Would you like prospects to contact you after they’ve attended an event where they met with you face to face? Would you like to entice community members to come and visit your new brick and mortar location or encourage positive reviews and likes on social media? However you decide your new giveaways will serve you best will lead you to discover the best way to distribute them and execute your plan.

Up until now, you may have carried out much of your interaction with your audience on social media, over the phone or by way of print catalogs. This poses a bit of a dilemma when it comes time to physically place an object in their hands, so you’ll want to consider shipping costs or events you can participate in or attend in order to meet with customers in person. If you have a physical location, like a retail shop or consulting office, this will be much easier for you. However, you’ll still need to decide which occasions you’ll choose to break out your fun free gifts, such as a promotional event, grand opening or open house. Unless you’re working a tradeshow, handing your free gifts to everyone in sight is rarely an effective method.

Neglecting to add a call to action.

Now that you’ve selected your products and created a plan for their distribution, it’s time to make sure you’re getting something in return. The most beautifully designed promotional giveaway won’t effectively bolster your marketing efforts if it leaves your prospects or customers without a call to action. This is where you tell them to visit your website, call for details, follow you on Instagram, use your hashtag, etc. Even simply including your web address, twitter handle or a phone number is a subtle suggestion for a recipient to use that mode of contact. Without it, they will be left with no direction and no way to contact you.

The success you can find with promotional products is virtually limitless if you’re willing to make a logistical plan for implementing your products, strongly consider your audience and provide them with a call to action. Avoiding these 3 mistakes can pave the way towards effective promotional marketing.



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