Look This Way: Eye-Catching Promotional Products

Promotional products should always, if nothing else, be capable of capturing your audience’s attention. Yes, they all serve other purposes, too. But their intrinsic value to your business is grabbing people’s attention and focusing it on your brand. If you’ve tried using promo products in the past and they haven’t accomplished that goal, then you probably used the wrong promo items. Deciding which ones are right can be tricky, since the answer can differ from business to business and even from event to event for the same business.

But if you need to grab people’s attention and you need to grab it now, then there are certain promotional product types that are generally better at it than others. Since every organization is different and every one has its own unique set of customers, these giveaways may or may not be laser-focused on your audience’s needs or completely inline with your brand image. Regardless of what you sell and who you sell it too, however, these product types will grab your audience’s attention and direct it to your brand name and logo.

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Promotional Golf Umbrella

Business gets done out on the golf course. It’s been getting done out there for decades, and that’s not showing any signs of changing any time soon. Deals get brokered and sales get made while professionals hack away at a little ball — some more successfully than others — in an attempt to land it in a little hole.

Golf’s an outdoor game, of course, and we haven’t met the meteorologist yet who predicts the weather correctly 100 percent of the time. Have your customers, clients, business partners and employees ready for anything with branded golf umbrellas. These large giveaways are impossible to miss, and your brand will be too when it’s custom-imprinted onto promotional golf umbrellas.

Promotional T-Shirts

Promotional T-Shirt

This one’s a classic. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Promotional t-shirts work as giveaways for literally every brand imaginable. Sometimes companies will try to outsmart themselves like a football coach taking out a hot QB and going to the wildcat formation in the red zone, just to mix things up. Adding a little variety to your promotional mix can certainly be effective at times, but if you want a promotional giveaway that everyone will want and that will grab people’s attention, stick to a classic. Stick to promotional t-shirts.

Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens

Continuing our theme of old standbys, let’s talk about pens. Yes, it fees like everything is done electronically these days, and that’s because much of it is. But there are still plenty of tasks that a good old fashioned pen is perfect for. Banks have basically built empires on promotional pen giveaways, so why can’t you? Pens can be found in every office, home and school. Put your name on some today and catch your audience members’ eyes!

Promotional Magnets

Promotional Magnet

What do you look at every single day? Multiple times a day, actually? Give up? It’s your refrigerator! Everyone in your audience is guaranteed to be paying attention to their fridges at various points throughout just about every single day of the year. If they’re already looking there, all you have to do is get your name and logo there and you’ll be in their sightlines. Promotional magnets get it done and leave room for you to add your phone number and a brief marketing message.

Of course, those are just a few of the promotional product offerings available to you at Promotions Now. Head over to our website to choose from thousands upon thousands of eye-catching giveaways.

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