How to Make the Most of a Trade Show

Trade shows can be excellent venues for businesses to reach out to new prospective customers and strengthen relationships with existing clientele. Any business can benefit greatly from attending these functions as long as they make an effort to plan and execute the process properly. Here are some basic helpful tips to consider when attending a trade show.

Keep your attendees informed.

If you have a website, send email newsletters or have a social media page, this is the precise avenue for keeping your customers informed about upcoming shows. Here, you can let people know which shows you will be attending and invite them to come and see you. Attract newcomers by offering incentives like discounts or promotions that they will have to come receive in person. If you work in a business that is handled primarily over the phone or online, let your existing customers know that you are looking forward to meeting them face to face.

Use your booth to attract the right people.

Show attendees should be able to look at your booth and decide if what you are offering applies to them in a matter of seconds. Your booth’s signs and displays should be clear representations of the type of service you offer. This will save you wasted time explaining your business to the wrong audience and free up more time for serious customers. 39% of all trade show attendees spend less than eight hours at a show. That leaves your business a small fraction of time, so you will want to let the appearance of your booth help maximize your time with attendees who can benefit from your service and repel the ones who cannot.

Consider giveaways.

Handing out free promotional giveaways can go a long way for your marketing strategy at trade shows. An appealing gift can create a positive experience that will be associated with your business and make a small claim on a prospective customer’s loyalty. Free handouts can also work for you by displaying your brand for other attendees to see, getting attendees to advertise for you, after they leave your booth.

If you decide free handouts are right for you, be sure to choose the best tradeshow giveaways that are relevant to your business and attention grabbing or useful to your recipients. Whether you decide to use your free handouts as a way of attracting attendees to your booth, or if you prefer to keep them concealed and give them as a thank you for conversations with prospective clients, free promotional gifts are easily attainable tricks of the trade that will help you reap the benefits of attending any show.

Always follow up.

During the show, you will want to take a business card or contact information from anyone who expresses an interest in your business and even take notes on specific questions or requests. Tradeshows can be overwhelming for some attendees and it is easy to forget the details of the many interactions of the day. It is your job to remember these interactions and follow up on them later. You should touch base with prospective clients via email or phone, send informational newsletters or sample packages or reintroduce yourself and inquire about any service you can provide for them. After the show is when any leads that you may have acquired can be converted into a business transaction and you should take full advantage of that.

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