Here are Our Top Sellers for the Month of August

At Promotions Now we often have customers call our sales team to place an order and immediately ask, “What’s popular?” We love this question since we agree it’s wise to keep marketing methods, especially promotional products, as current and on trend as possible. So, for anyone else who is wondering, here are the top selling items from our website for the month of August.

Mona Triple Glazed Ceramic Mug, 16oz.

It’s no wonder that the Mona Triple Glazed Ceramic Mug is so popular. Just look at it! This beautiful 16 oz. mug features a colorful exterior that only a specialized glaze could render and a contrasting creamy gloss interior. Choose from 8 lovely finishes and add your logo in one standard color for a stunning presentation.

Klutch Heathered Jersey Knit Neoprene Lunch Bag 

Our Klutch Heathered Jersey Knit Neoprene Lunch Bag was a huge seller all summer but picked up even more in popularity this August. We think it’s due to the upcoming new school year – and there is still plenty of time for you to make this your latest welcome back gift for teachers, professors, school officials and even students!

Force Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle, 17oz.

This double wall Force Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle is available in 5 unique and attractive colors, with the summery shades of Carolina blue, mint and white being the most popular thus far. We predict this 17 oz. thermal bottle will continue to be one of our bestsellers through fall with navy blue and red becoming much more in demand.

Hanes Nano-T® Ringspun Cotton Men’s Tee

As far as apparel goes, our Hanes Nano-T® Ringspun Cotton Men’s Tee has been the hottest product this summer with the women’s version of this exact item coming in at a close second. That’s thanks to a virtually endless array of color options and a classic, comfortable fit that our customers know and love.

Medium 12oz. Cotton Snap Tote 

All-natural materials like cotton, canvas, burlap and a selection of woods have been rising in popularity for some time now – and cotton tote bags like the Medium 12oz. Cotton Snap Tote have been selling like hot cakes a result. Each of these bags features the classic cotton tote design of natural material with colored straps and bottom.

Fashion First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is always a useful giveaway but there is no reason why it can’t look like a colorful, stylish accessory. The Fashion First Aid Kit is a fun take on a classic staple with brightly colored and fashionable patterns on each pouch. The pouches contain two 3/4″ bandages, 1 mini bandage, 2 antiseptic towelettes, 1 ibuprofen pack and 1 antacid pack.


Want to see more of what the hottest products were this August? Check out our Bestsellers and Hot Products Specialty Store for more of what our customers just can’t seem to get enough of lately!




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