Get a Full House for Your School’s Open House

The hardest part has passed, with everyone over the usual first day of school jitters. The best is still yet to come; the annual Open House! Teachers see this as the perfect opportunity to get to know their students better, as well as become familiar with the parents. This is also where students can show parents around the classroom, and even show some pride on their painting that got to be posted on the bulletin board. Teachers are not only welcoming their new students, they are welcoming the parents to their class. Why not send parents and students home with something to show them how much they are welcome in the classroom? These ideas are sure to get everyone excited for the beginning of a new school year:

Scented PencilsPencils are a must in the classroom; but they don’t have to be boring! Kids love scented pencils, and surprisingly they will be excited to get to use them the next day they are in class.

Educational Activity Books– There are many subjects out there, including Math, Shapes, Colors, and Phonics that no matter what specific subject you teach, you can find a fun activity book that will peak your student’s interests and get them learning on their own.

Pencil Cases & Pouches– Parents will appreciate these because they have a multitude of uses, especially for keeping supplies tidy at home and at school. Have them customized with your school’s name or mascot to show some school pride.

Highlighters & Pens– Another classroom staple, but these are more appropriate for the older students. Highlighters have evolved from the standard single color sticks, to have multiple colors and even multiple uses, such as styli and pen combos.

USB Flash Drives- Thinking of skipping the paper handouts? Many teachers are now posting worksheets and assignments online for students to save and download. Make it easier, by giving your students unique and fun flash drives to save all of their assignments on.

Cinch Packs– Perfect for all grades, cinch packs are useful for carrying everything, from a preschoolers nap time blanket, to a Senior’s gym clothes.

Start the new school year off with happy students and positive parents, and show them that this year will be one that they will always remember.


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