Marketing Strategy: Five Doubts About Buying Promotional Products We Can Relieve You Of

If you haven’t ordered promotional products for your business yet, chances are one or maybe even all of these common doubts have been getting in your way. We get it. An investment of any size should have a quantifiable return. It’s a good thing for you and your growing business then that promotional products consistently provide an excellent ROI for those who decide to give them a shot.

Here are 5 common doubts about ordering promotional products that we can relieve you of and the reasons why this is one investment you might not want to let pass you by.

1. What if my item isn’t printed the way I hoped or I don’t get exactly what I want?

At Promotions Now, we consider the proofing process to be the most important part of your ordering experience because not only will we send you an art proof, but we’ll keep sending you proofs until you are absolutely happy with your artwork. We don’t go into production on an order until you have signed off on and approved your free art proof – no matter how many revisions it takes before we get your final approval.

2. I won’t have enough time to get my custom items delivered before my event.

The days of month-long production times are over. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an item on our website that is more than 9 days production – and that’s long! Not only do we stock thousands of incredible promotional products with just a 3 day or 24 hour rush production, but we also have a dedicated specialty store filled only with products that can meet your fast approaching event date, guaranteed.

3. People don’t appreciate these “tchotchkes” and will have no use for them. I might be wasting my money.

This is actually a rather pesky myth about promotional products – and one that isn’t serving you well. In actuality, promotional products are among the most effective of the marketing methods you can use today and are proven to boost the efficacy of your other efforts – be they printed flyers, email blasts, social media posts, billboards, etc. – by a whopping 44%. This is because they improve brand recall and are generally held onto by consumers for up to 4 years. All this means is that instead of being a waste of your money, promotional products are actually a pretty smart investment. People love these “tchotchkes” as some may call them and you should take advantage of that fact!

4. What if there isn’t any room in my budget for expensive promotional products?

For less than $1 each, you have access to more than 2200 items at Promotions Now that we have individually sourced based on their value and potential efficacy alone. For less than $2 each, you have access to more than 3 times that number. We know that most businesses don’t have an inexhaustible budget for marketing, but we also want you to know that that doesn’t have to limit your options. In fact, thanks to our budget-friendly inventory, the sky is the limit.

5. I don’t have nice artwork or a cool logo, so it’s not worth getting something if it will end up looking boring.

We have the artists to take care of that for you! When you place your order with Promotions Now, you’re not only hiring a dedicated account rep to coordinate your orders with your event dates and opening yourself up to a virtually endless supply of unique and exciting products, but you’re getting the assistance of talented artists and graphic designers as well. We will take your ideas and mock ups and turn them into a custom design you can be proud to call your own. Do not hire a designer to charge you an insane amount of money for what our artists can do for you when you simply place an order with us.

Are you convinced yet? If so, shop our huge inventory of products for every business and every budget to take advantage of the remarkable benefits promotional products have in store for your brand.

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