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So many incredible new products have been added to our vast collection recently, from writing instruments and office supplies to drinkware, bags, tech gadgets and everything in between. Particularly in this past month, we’ve seen a pattern of promotional items that are a bit surprising and a whole lot of fun. Here is just a quick highlight of some of the newest outstanding additions to the collection. Enjoy!

Del Mar Light Stylus Pen

There’s much for you to feast your eyes on when it comes to the new Del Mar Light Stylus Pen, featuring a clear barrel filled with luminous beads that light up in a color to match the outer accent color and a plunger action stylus that helps you navigate touch screen devices while controlling the black ink pen as well as the light up action.

TASTEit™ Aroma Bottle, 25oz.

Here is one product you’ll have to experience to believe. The amazing TASTEit™ Water Bottle features a scented and fruit flavor infused lid that makes water taste as if it’s been flavored with your favorite fruit essences. Choose from berry, lemon, mandarin orange and peach.

Iridescent Spinner Pen

The beautiful polychromatic barrel combined with the addictive fidget spinner at the top make our Iridescent Spinner Pen make it an instant favorite. Available in three lustrous shades, this pen is just as fun as it is attractive.

Fart Putty

We did say some of our new products were surprising, right? Bound to be a show stopper with both kids and adults, the all new Fart Putty is sure to be anything but forgettable at your next trade show or any light-hearted event.

Videology Mini Video Brochure, 4″, 128MB

Still surprising, but in a less hilarious and more impressive way, is our 128 MB Videology Mini Video Brochure. This cutting edge new promotion comes with a built in 2.4″ LCD display screen which will play your short video and take your marketing brochures and sales pitches to a whole new level.

Deluxe Illusion Bottle, 17oz.

The shimmery, dual-toned finish on the 17 ounce Deluxe Illusion Bottle certainly sets it apart but it’s ability to keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours is what makes it one of the best new pieces of drinkware we have to offer.

Natural 8oz. Canvas Tote Bag

All-natural materials and items that allow consumers to make more and more green efforts in their day to day tasks is, fortunately, still a major focus in both the retail and the promotional products industries. Our latest Natural 8 Ounce Canvas Tote Bag hits both of those targets.

Watchpost™ Wireless Charging Pad

The latest in our growing collection of wireless charging pads is the new Watchpost™, which allows you to charge an Apple Watch, series 2, 3 or 4, and a smartphone at the same time. This all-in-one versatility allows users to pack lighter when leaving home.

Swiss Force® Lugano All-in-One Coffee Maker, 15oz.

Coffee lovers rejoice! The new Swiss Force® Lugano All-in-One Coffee Maker will grind, brew and store your fresh cup of coffee with just one incredible item. Each 15 ounce capacity tumbler also includes double-wall insulation to keep that miraculous cup of joe piping hot for hours on end.

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