Employee and Customer Appreciation Gifts for Less Than $8? Yeah, We’ve Got ‘Em

Eight dollars. They’re just eight dollars…or less. Yes, you read that right: “or less.” You know what I’m talking about, of course. You read the title of this blog. (Shame on you if you didn’t. I spent a whole five seconds brainstorming it.) Promotions Now is loaded with fun and professional customer and employee appreciation gifts available for $8 or less.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. In fact, I can almost hear you typing away in our comment box: “Nick, you can’t sell us high-quality employee and customer appreciation gifts for $8 or less! That’s just crazy! You can’t possibly afford that!” While I do appreciate your concern for my personal financial well-being, this one wasn’t my call. My hands were tied. Our promotions experts somehow figured out a way to make appreciation gifts available to you guys for these ridiculously low prices. This thing is happening. Don’t fight it. Just go with it. Just go with Promotions Now for all your employee and customer thank-you gifts.

OK, that’s out of the way, but you still have one more concern, don’t you? You’re wondering if spending less than $8 is really enough to show your thanks. Good news: it is. Saying “thank you” to someone isn’t about spending as much money as possible; it’s about letting those you’re thanking know that you appreciate them enough to recognize everything they’ve done for you. Plus, don’t you think they’d appreciate you keeping your budget under control enough so that they have a job or a supplier to come back to on Monday? I’m pretty confident they would. So stop worrying about selling off half your assets to thank your people and give out some of these affordable appreciation gifts:

Promotional Infuser Water Bottle

Promotional Infuser Bottle

Everybody drinks water at the office all day. Well, maybe a few people don’t, but they should really start. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, and we need to consume between six and eight glasses of the stuff daily in order to stay our healthiest, feel our best and get the most performance out of our minds and bodies. But sometimes plain old water is boring — so mix it up! Our promotional infuser bottles let recipients get their water and enjoy it too. Oh, and they’re reusable, so they also help the environment. Everybody wins on this one.

Promotional Cell Phone Holder

Promotional Cell Phone Holder

You’re always carrying one. You’re always checking it, too. We all are, really. Let’s stop trying to fight it already and just accept the fact that we’re addicted to our mobile devices. They serve such a ridiculously wide plethora of purposes at this point that no one would be surprised if the next wave of Droids, iPhones and Windows Phones came with toaster oven functionality. Instead of constantly having to fumble through your pocket or purse for your phone while at your desk, just set it up on one of these convenient holders.

Promotional AC Charger

Promotional AC Mobile Charger

There’s just one little problem with sitting your phone on your desk and using it all day long: power. You’re going to need lots of power. Well, you just know your friends at Promotions Now have you covered there, too. Our promotional mobile phone AC adapters are perfect for keeping the juice flowing all day long so you can get business done on your phone stream Spotify throughout the entire work week.

Of course, those are just a trio of our finest employee and customer appreciation gifts available for under $8. Looking for more? Hit the link up in the first paragraph and head on over to check out our dozens upon dozens upon, you guessed it, more dozens of affordable appreciation gift ideas.

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