Employee Appreciation Gifts For A Better Lunch

When you are one of many that make up your corporate team, it is always nice to take a step back from projects, deadlines, and tasks, and look at your hard working employees as passionate people who are contributing to a greater cause. Appreciation gifts are always a thoughtful deed and very much appreciated. However, for those employees who have been around longer and have seen the cycles of tote bags, key chains, pens and desk mugs, the appreciation gifts tend to lose their luster. Why not give something that your employees will not only use daily, but feel empowered and motivated towards adopting healthy, conscious lifestyle choices? Here are some suggestions that will show that you not only appreciate their hard work, but that you are also mindful of their well-being.

Salad Shakers– These containers are perfect for employees to transport and easily store their favorite salad mix. With a compartment for dressing, and an included fork, your employees will know you put forth the extra effort to provide them with a salad container that proves to be not only convenient, but functional as well. Go a little further and fill each container with healthy snacks to accompany a healthy lunch salad.

Cooler bags– Cooler bags are versatile in that they have many other uses than just transporting lunch. Oftentimes cooler bags are used to carry healthy drinks and snacks for short trips, picnics, beach outings, and sporting events. This appreciation gift is versatile for a variety of employees, as it can be useful for any hobby or interest.

Blender bottles– Not just for protein shakes anymore! Blender bottles are good for smoothies, juice, and even water. More companies are capitalizing on powdered drink mixes in portable individual servings, and more people are using these to motivate them to drink more water, because it adds a bit of flavor. Blender bottles are great because they ensure drinks are mixed properly, and that the office water cooler gets some extra attention.

Soup mugs– Who doesn’t like a warm, comforting reminder of home while they are at work? Soup mugs have evolved to be more stylish than their ancestors, coming in an array of colors, finishes, imprinted appreciation messages, and with accessories like sipping lids and spoons. You can also add a special touch and tuck some soup mix, crackers, and a granola bar inside the mug before presenting it to your employees.

Lunch Kits– Skip the catered appreciation lunch that really never caters to everyone’s tastes. Plus, you want to remind your employees that you appreciate them every day, not just one day out of the year for an hour. Lunch kits can suit everyone’s tastes and it is something that will hopefully encourage everyone to be greener by using a reusable container, instead of to-go boxes, plastic wrap and paper sacks.

Taking a different approach when choosing an appreciation gift will surely surprise your employees, and take your appreciation for all of their hard work to the next level!

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