Benefits of Client Appreciation Gifts for Real Estate Agents and Start-Ups

The practice of businesses distributing appreciation gifts to their valued clients is one that is proven to help strengthen and nourish customer relationships. It is a reason why we at Promotions Now place so much emphasis on custom gifts and why many businesses are able to keep a firm grasp on their loyal patrons. For some businesses, like start-ups, small businesses and real estate agencies, however, it can help to achieve much more.

Start-ups and real estate agencies find themselves at the most competitive level of business where it is absolutely crucial for them to be able set themselves apart from others in the eyes of their clients. Aside from providing an excellent service or a superior product, which should be the number one priority, their relationships with both their prospective and established clients play a major role in their ability to thrive. This is why client appreciation gifts are not to be overlooked.

A meaningful gift doesn’t have to be an expensive one, but it should be able to convey a business’s purpose, to let their clients know they are appreciated, while representing their overall personality. In other words, if you are a real estate agency you might want to focus on home and real estate themed gifts or find something creative and unique that borrows from your agents’ signature fun and personable approach to customer service. Likewise, if you deal mostly in vacation or beach side homes you might make more leeway with a gift that has a summertime or outdoor theme. A cleverly selected gift will speak volumes about your ability to relate to your clients, allow them to see your depth of character and enable them to form a trusting relationship with you.

While just about any type of business can greatly benefit from adopting a customer appreciation program, it is particularly important for start-ups, with little or no established reputation, or real estate agencies, with a huge amount of competition, to try to build a trusting and personal relationship with their clients.

Recently, a search marketing agency by the name of Disruptive Advertising, who went from a $0 to a $2.5 million business in just one year, revealed the tactics they used to establish a substantial revenue in such a short amount of time. Among them were client appreciation gifts. One example of their appreciation gifts is a stuffed rabbit with a mustache, which is unique and quirky to say the least, but is perfectly aligned with the company’s exuberant personality.

When getting your own new business off of the ground or attempting to brand your real estate agency as one that stands out from the crowd, there are many challenges along the way. Building a solid foundation with your customer base with a simple token of gratitude is one of the quickest ways to clear the road to success.

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