Do Take it Personal! We’re Taking Customization to a Whole New Level

By now you know that we specialize in first-rate customization on nearly all of the items we carry, but did you know that personalized gifts is something you can check off your list at as well? If not, here’s a look at just a few of the items from our website that we can personalize with the names of each of your lucky gift recipients.

Cross® Century II Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint & Rollerball Metal Gift Pen Set

A polished chrome finish gives this ballpoint and rollerball metal gift pen set an air of distinction, but personalized laser engraving will make it completely one of a kind! Combine that with the famed black Cross® ballpoint ink cartridge, premium, retail quality gift packaging and a lifetime warranty and you’ve got a personalized gift that’s bound to make a major impact!

Empire™ Leather-Stainless Coffee Cup

Looking for more personalization and less pomp? Our 10-ounce Empire™ Leather-Stainless Coffee Cup will do the trick. Rustic yet sophisticated, this handled mug is a useful gift that’s ready to convey your special thanks in a simple and thoughtful way.

Slant Top Glass Paperweight

A paperweight provides a simple way to keep your logo and message of appreciation visible as often as possible. This Slant Top Glass Paperweight comes deep etched on the slanted display for a beautiful, eye-catching presentation. Each piece comes in an attractive gift box.

Rosewood Captain’s Clock

A truly remarkable gift and an exquisite timepiece is this Rosewood Captain’s Clock. Nestled inside a hinged polished rosewood box, each brass finished clock has a unique globe design face for a time keeper that’s as beautiful as it is precise. A personalized name plate goes on the lid of each of these unique gifts.

Bedford Executive Roller Pen

Another great pen option that’s available with personalization is the Bedford Executive Roller Pen. Available in red, black or satin silver with chrome finish details, each pen is medium blank ink, comes with a German Schneider rollerball refill and is packaged in a soft felt sleeve.

Planetarium Gimble Clock & Frame

The Planetarium Gimble Clock & Frame is a truly unique custom gift, providing a stunning presentation for both the globe design clock face and the picture inserted into the frame on the opposite side. Personalize each piece with your company logo, and message of appreciation and your recipients name to make a statement that won’t soon be forgotten.


There are many more items ready to be personalized in our Personalized Appreciation Gifts & Promotions Specialty Store. Shop the collection today and see how you can add an extra special touch to your gifts this holiday season!




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