Promotions Now Top Human Resources Blog Award 2015

Congratulations to the winners and the finalists selected to be a Top Human Resources Blog to Watch in 2015!

It’s no secret that, in today’s job market, obtaining a new position and climbing up the work ladder can be challenging and chaotic. From fresh college grads looking to start a brand new career to experienced professionals seeking advancement in their fields of expertise, everyone depends on help and support from human resources. We rely so much on human resources to help guide us through these rights of passage that it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of challenges and chaos on their end as well.

Human Resources are the diligent individuals who recruit, mentor, discipline, council, train, monitor, and recognize and appreciate just about everyone in the workforce – and that is quite a lot of responsibility. Nonetheless, with such great responsibility comes the need for some guidance and support of their own. Having had our own blog successfully up and running for some years now, Promotions Now understands the struggle that comes with finding an excellent resource for advice and guidance in any particular field, especially human resources. That is why we’ve been working to find the most relevant websites on human resources insight, business innovation, and community growth. Our goal is to provide our readers with a comprehensive list, nominated by readers and staff, which will help our clients and partners utilize the best human resource blogs and business advice on the web.

Promotions Now is one of the leading promotional products companies in the United States because we are dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and creativity to our customers. At our blog, we strive to meet the same level of excellence by constantly seeking out new ways to be the best resource on business news and marketing advice for our clients and readers, such as providing you with this Human Resources Blog Award!

We asked each of our winners to answer a few questions about their blog and their approach to their success. 

  • How would you describe your blog to readers of our site?
  • What is a key contribution Human Resources has on business success?
  • How do you make sure you’re on top of the latest human resources related news and business strategies?


Adjusted Development

Describe Your Blog: Changing the world of work, one conversation at a time.

Key contribution for business success? HR is the key that unlocks people powered success.  All we need is to turn it the right way and set that power free.

How do you stay current? My social network is my window to alternative thinking about the world of work.  With stories that highlight the possibilities for better work and bursting with people who create and share what matters.  This helps me ensure my work helps create a more humane, productive, sustainable future.


At The Intersection Blog

Describe Your Blog: My blog is intended to challenge the status quo in HR and push HR professionals to think about their value to the business. With the highly negative press that HR receives these days, we cannot afford to keep building programs and processes that do not actually contribute to the bottom line. It takes thinking collectively about our customers’ needs, and that is the focus of my posts.

Key contribution for business success? At this point, HR’s contributions are questionable however the opportunity is enormous. HR is the only part of an organization, besides the CEO, that has a 30,000 foot view of the people – what they are doing, how they are contributing, and the collaborative nature of the workforce. Given this unique perspective, HR can influence effective organizational change and culture so that the goals and values espoused by the organization can be realized.

How do you stay current? I read everything, and have news feeds set to deliver anything related to HR, leadership, culture, change or innovation in the people part of business. I then take several articles and weave my own perspective into a blog post. I learn a great deal from the comments of those that follow me. This is Why I Write.



Describe Your Blog: Actionable job search and career advice from a recruiter’s perspective.

Key contribution for business success? Attracting talent that provides an above-average impact on a company’s earnings and market value.

How do you stay current? I funnel 100+ websites into my Feedly reader so I can scan the headlines and click through to the posts that interest me.


Bulls Eye Recruiting

Describe Your Blog: Bulls Eye Recruiting gives candidates a front row seat view into a recruiters mind. Bulls Eye Recruiting discusses the current hiring environment, advice for candidates in their career search, and how to effectively use social media in recruiting. Bulls Eye Recruiting “humanizes” recruiting by telling real life stories and giving scenarios to help others in their career search.

Key contribution for business success? The right people in place can make or break a company and determine their success. Human Resources and recruiters are responsible for effectively finding and keeping the right employees. Without the right HR business partners in place, a company will have a difficult time succeeding.

How do you stay current? I am a practitioner. I am a recruiter, an HR business partner and an owner of a recruiting business. I am tasked with finding only the best of the best and in order to do that I am continually educating myself by asking questions to candidates, reading as much as I possibly can and attend the best recruiting conferences around the United States. I am a student of the industry.


Campus To Career

Describe Your Blog: Campus to Career is dedicated to job seekers of all kinds, focusing primarily on the transition from college to the workforce, preparing the next generation of leaders.

Key contribution for business success? HR is crucial to the success of business, but we must remain connected to our most important asset: people. It’s important to invest in the development and success of others and in return, organizational success can be achieved.

How do you stay current? Easy – surround yourself with smart people. Seek out knowledge, engage and have an opinion. Maintain a healthy curiosity and dissatisfaction with the status quo, taking every chance you have to learn from others.


Corn on the Job

Describe Your Blog: A career and recruiting blog that focuses on all areas of the job search.

Key contribution for business success? Ensuring the right talent is hired.

How do you stay current? Attending conferences and research.


David Jackson HR

Describe Your Blog: Insights and reflections on the world of work and people management from a senior HR professional. David Jackson blogs on everything from the potential impacts of high level social and fiscal policy down to changes in UK employment law and developments in the HR profession.

Key contribution for business success? HR is uniquely placed to provide a narrative for organizations that brings together the achievement of short term goals with sustainability and values driven growth. By working with people in ever more creative and liberating ways, HR can harness the energy, innovation and passion of everybody involved in delivering success.

How do you stay current? Through close work with the CIPD and other professional networks, I support my own professional practice and development by staying at the cutting edge of new ways of working. This means drawing on ideas and developments across the whole spectrum of organizational theory and practice to help build the workplace of tomorrow.


HR Examiner

Describe Your Blog: Exploring the edges of HR, HRTech and Recruiting with seasoned practitioners.

Key contribution for business success? HR can be developed to be a profitcenter.

How do you stay current? Social Media, conferences, deep networking, 30 successful networked practitioners providing content.


HR Nasty

Describe Your Blog: is a blog resource that helps employees become successful in the workplace. HRNasty provides insider info on job searches, managing your career and climbing the corporate ladder that isn’t taught in schools or universities and isn’t shared in most corporations. Written by an HR exec, reveals how HR and the C Suite really think about what resumes, hiring decisions, who gets promoted and who gets laid off. HRNasty exposes how managers really think about resume racism, illegal interview questions and cover letters when behind closed doors and more importantly WHY they think this way.  With this information, employees can be successful. Corporate life is a game, WIN IT!

Key contribution for business success? I believe that many misunderstandings in the work force happen through lack of communication and lack of understanding. Human Resources can impact the business by ensuring the employees of the company understand not just WHAT business decisions are made but more importantly WHY and HOW these decisions are made. The goal: Even if employees do not appreciate a decision on a personal level, if they can respect the decision at the business level, most can still be supportive of the company direction. The company doesn’t lose focus. One way is to be the voice that holds leadership accountable to delivering messages 3 times, 3 different ways. The goal of is to reveal how managers and HR really thinks and specifically WHY they think this way. With this knowledge, employees can be successful in the workplace. Leaders make decisions over days, weeks and months with a lot of input, debate and data. We should not expect individual contributors to understand these same decisions via a 1 min company announcement.

How do you stay current? I am a voracious reader and subscribe to,, to name a few. I subscribe to a number of magazines including SHRM, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review. With a little over 25K subscribers, I am receiving questions from readers that require additional research on a daily basis. I started a business book of the quarter club at the company I am leading HR for so always on the lookout for relevant business resources. In addition, I talk with execs in the startup and technology space in the local area on a regular basis. I still have a ton to learn, but the way to learn is to talk with others about what is out there and learn new ideas.


HR Success Guide

Describe Your Blog: HR Success Guide is a Comprehensive Guide to Successful HR Practices for Business Leaders and HR Professionals to optimize their Organization’s Talent and Manage Workforce. The blog explores Management, Leadership and Strategic roles through which Human Resources contribute to organizations.

Key contribution for business success? The key contribution human resources have on business success is hiring and developing people. People are the single biggest competitive advantage a business has because you can’t replicate them. To build the business, you need to build the people. At the end of the day we bet on people, not on strategies.

How do you stay current? We participate in webinars, seminars and conferences about the latest happenings in Human Resources. We subscribe to blogs, newsletters, case studies and online contents. We follow successful organizations and people on social media. We believe in getting better by change not by chance.


Lets Grow Leaders

Describe Your Blog: Experienced HR and Field executive, keynote speaker, consultant, and MBA professor shares candid, practical advice you can apply immediately to improve your business results. #winningwell #confidenthumility

Key contribution for business success? Human Resource professionals when they are true strategic partners who truly understand the business and align their Human Capital strategy with business goals. Great HR strategies are an integral part of building a winning well organization accomplishing breakthrough results, innovation, and high employee engagement.

How do you stay current? I learn the most from connecting and collaborating with other HR and industry thought leaders by speaking at conferences, mastermind groups, and working in the MBA and executive education programs at the University of MD.


Management Skills Blog

Describe Your Blog: Management Blog illustrates the conversations that managers have everyday. We know the principles, but what does it sound like when you say it out loud. My work can also be seen in my book.

Key contribution for business success? I am a structure guy. Most challenges faced by managers and supervisors are structural problems. Structure is the defined accountabilities and authorities in the working relationships between people. This blog is based on 50 years of research by the late Dr. Elliott Jaques.

How do you stay current? Staying on top of the latest strategies in human resources is most often going back to the fundamentals. Most managers attach themselves to fads, management gurus and consultants that are mostly filled with nonsense. Parlor games. Most managers misunderstand the fundamentals.


Snark Attack

Describe Your Blog: Straight talk about recruiting, HR and the world of work, without the buzzwords or BS. While it’s all about what’s new, what’s next and what matters most in talent acquisition today, if you’ve ever looked for a job, you’re going to want to look here – it’ll at least make you laugh and make one of the world’s most boring (but important) topics at least a little bit interesting and engaging. At least that’s what our readers tell us.

Key contribution for business success? We live in a society where we no longer work to live, but live to work (whether we like it or not). If HR can make that work work better, then the result is more productive, satisfied and engaged employees. And when it comes to business success, human capital is literally the bottom line.

How do you stay current? I read about 50-75 blog posts, trade publications and news articles on HR and bigger business trends, like marketing and technology, every day so I can stay on top of what the conversation is about and who’s influencing it. I also have quite a few Google alerts so I’m notified when new results matching core content concepts are indexed, and stay on top of social media across platforms and industry events to know what matters – and what’s top of mind – in real time. I also attend about 100 industry events or trade shows a year, either as a speaker or press, all around the world, giving me a way to interact with and talk to HR practitioners and leaders about their perspectives and experiences, too.


Something Different HR

Describe Your Blog: Something Different HR is a place where HR professionals at all stages of their career can learn more about topics in HR including total rewards, talent management, labor and employment law, employee relations, workforce analytics, leadership, L&D, and people management. It includes spotlights and interviews with other HR and Management professionals, thought pieces on various HR issues of the day, and occasional personal anecdotes on career advancement.

Key contribution for business success? Tomorrow’s economy will be driven by those companies that most effectively leverage their human capital in the pursuit of innovative solutions to the 21st century’s unprecedented business and social challenges. To accomplish these aims, the best organizations will successfully use descriptive and prescriptive analytics to recruit top talent, identify and nurture said talent’s strengths, and ensure sustained productivity and innovation through the use of initiatives that both recognize and reward high performance.

How do you stay current? I follow blogs from HR thought leaders, read white papers from consulting firms with HR arms, connect with peers in the space on key HR topics of the day, follow World at Work and SHRM, and am an avid reader of Inc, Fast Company, HBR, and a myriad of other periodicals with a reputation for delivering high quality HR insights.


Take it Personel-ly

Describe Your Blog: Take It Personel-ly is all about the world of work. It is where human resources, leadership, workplace culture and everything in between intersect. My goal is to be a resources that helps to create better workplaces where employees are engaged and happy to be at work.

Key contribution for business success? Human Resources is key in business success as they deal with the most important part of any business: human capital. Human Resources helps to shape the company culture and also helps the leadership achieve its goals and vision by guiding hiring managers, recruiting and offering training and development.

How do you stay current? I keep on top of human resources related news and business strategies by: attending conferences, reading A LOT (other blogs, news sources, recent developments in employment law and HR publications) and by engaging in various social media communities with others involved in human resources and leadership.


Take The Interview: Insights, Tips & Tricks for Modern Talent Acquisition (TTI³)

Describe Your Blog: TTI³ addresses the pain points of the talent acquisition community and provides real answers their questions. Our goal is to use original content that has a facet of humor to engage leaders. In addition to the typical “how-to” articles on how to leverage technology or resolve communication issues, TTI³ tells stories that motivate readers to cultivate out-of-the-box solutions to their pain points that we hope can revolutionize the industry at large. For example, “The Interviewing Manifesto” addresses the paradigm of the true value of the interview. It’s a compelling piece where Bill Boorman “bares all” and introduces seven best practices for establishing a great interview. A true exposé in the world of HR technology, “The Interviewing Manifesto” highlights exactly what you need to do to secure the best outcome for everyone involved (a.k.a. recruiter, hiring manager, candidate).

Key contribution for business success? Historically, human resources was not always considered an integral contributor to the success of a business. In more recent years, this paradigm has shifted and CHROs are now partners with CEOs, giving the HR community a stronger voice at the executive level.  This partnership has become paramount when making personnel decisions that will impact hiring, company culture and continued staff development. These decisions create the framework for other business functions to set themselves up for success.

How do you stay current? By communicating with clients who are HR leaders across the globe on a daily basis, we continually increase our understanding of the daily needs and operational challenges of top organizations. We’ve ensured further connection to the industry by putting together an advisory board that’s heavily comprised of industry thought leaders who not only guide our business direction, but who also author blogs posts through which we can establish a distinct point of view on trending industry topics. Additionally, we maintain presence at local events and will occasionally sponsor them. We also stay abreast of human resources news by paying close attention to Google Alerts on industry players.


The HR Capitalist

Describe Your Blog: Intersection of business and HR.

Key contribution for business success? Finding the right talent and doing cool things with great people.

How do you stay current? Load up my reader with every source I can find, read it while I’m on the go.


The Human Resources Field Guide

Describe Your Blog: The HR Field Guide stems from those days when I’m sitting at my desk dealing with a new situation – yes, new situations, dilemmas, calamities, etc. still happen all the time, even after more than a decade in human resources – and I wish there was some sort of how-to guide, kind of like the ones they have for zombie attacks. That said, most posts are less “how to survive the coming zombie workforce” and more about my thoughts, impressions, experiences, and other such ramblings from an ever evolving career, observations on the state of HR, ideas on leadership, and my personal take on trends and topics.

Key contribution for business success? People costs are the single largest impact on most organization’s bottom lines, a strategic HR function has the opportunity and responsibility to make sure the organization is getting back the best possible ROI on those costs through ensuring that the organization is recruiting, retaining, and rewarding the best talent.

How do you stay current? Professional memberships, conferences (both attending and presenting at), seminars, webinars, an ever expanding Twitter feed, magazines and professional journals (both reading and publishing in) – the list is a bit endless.


The Lead Change Group

Describe Your Blog: The LCG is a multi-author blog composed of like-minded individuals committed to sharing their impactful messages with the world in a more powerful way. In addition, the LCG is a supportive community that encourages members in the advancement of their own professional goals. We are dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution, one leader at a time.

Key contribution for business success? Human resources is the lifeblood of all business and organizations. When each individual employee’s core needs are met, each team member is able to perform at the highest level, making the entire business more efficient and successful.

How do you stay current? As a multi-author blog, the Lead Change Group benefits from the experience of hundreds of authors. These authors contribute meaningful posts that highlight lifetimes of work as well as new discoveries in the field of leadership, including Human Resources.


The Tim Sacket Project

Describe Your Blog: The Tim Sackett Project is a snarky, real world look at how organizations mess up human resources, talent acquisition and leadership, sometimes all at the same time! The blog is designed to help out those HR and Talent pros who are in the corporate trenches every day, fighting the good fight in helping make their function better.

Key contribution for business success? Human Resources main function in any organization is to improve the talent of the organization.  It’s the one thing organizations need from us the most. We do it through great talent attraction, retention, development and performance management.  All HR teams only need to deliver this one thing to be great, make your organization’s talent better.

How do you stay current? I write about HR and Talent every single business day, and I’ve been doing that for over five years. Writing keeps me on top of the industry, because the audience calls you out when you say dumb stuff! I consume content from blogs, news services, industry insiders, etc. at a high rate.


The Undercover Recruiter

Describe Your Blog: Undercover Recruiter covers all things recruitment, careers and job search related. Our variety of contributors gives our blog a variety of perspectives and tones, which keep it fresh.

Key contribution for business success? Hiring individuals who are a good fit within the company is essential to the business’ success, as it can affect the team dynamics and productivity. Taking the time to find a star candidate, rather than rushing hiring decisions can have a huge influence on the company.

How do you stay current? Keep an eye on business news, what industry professionals are talking about, other blogs, etc. We also have a number of featured authors who work in the industry and have firsthand experience of implementing new strategies and are aware of the goings on within the sect




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