Baseball Themed Giveaways

Have you been looking for promotional giveaways for an upcoming baseball themed event or would you like to give an employee gift that represents both your company and America’s favorite pastime? During baseball season, many businesses host baseball-themed events or even treat their entire staff to a ballgame. It seems like the perfect time to get some baseball themed giveaways for your next employee appreciation event or promotional campaign! If you agree, then we’re here to help!

Check out a few of our favorite products from our baseball themed promotions specialty store.

Ballpark Crowd Pleaser Tin, 1 Qt.


Nothing represents ballpark snacks quite like Big League Chew, Cracker Jacks and peanuts! The only thing missing is the hot dog, but since we can’t really include that item, we’ve topped the rest of them off with a fun, reusable baseball themed tin! You can stick with the baseball theme on the outside of the tin or create your own custom full-color design for both the full wrap and the lid.

Rawlings® Official Baseball, 2-5/8″


You can give out baseball themed promotional gifts or you can give out actual baseballs! The official Rawlings® baseball is available in its classic white with red stitching design and includes your own custom imprint, directly on the ball! These would make the perfect additions to the company outing to a baseball game or gifts for supporters at your next baseball themed fundraiser.

Sport Beach Ball – Baseball, 16″


If baseball is America’s favorite pastime then, undoubtedly, number 2 must be going to the beach. Here we’ve tied those two fun activities together with our baseball themed beach ball! Give these out to your customers, event attendees and employees so they can enjoy the best of both worlds, and keep your company logo in plain sight, all summer long!

Baseball Bat Pen


If you’re looking for a simpler baseball themed giveaway that your customers can use anywhere, our Baseball Bat Pen can’t be beat. It’s fun, useful and budget-friendly enough for you to treat everyone at a large scale event with. Just remember to add your company logo so your attendees can remember who gave them this clever writing instrument.

Sports 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub – Baseball


For the office workers and techies who still love baseball, a baseball themed computer accessory is the perfect fit. Our baseball themed Sports 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub will offer convenience, function and a bit of fun! Add your logo so you can remind users of your business’ presence day in and day out.

This is just a small portion of the unique and exciting baseball themed promotional items that we have to offer. Be sure to check out the rest of our collection so you can find the product that’s right for you before the season is out.

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