A Letter from Promos for a Cause Recipient, Healey International Relief Foundation


At Promotions Now we strive to take full advantage of our ability to assist charitable organizations in their noble endeavors. This is why, through Promos for a Cause, we offer support to groups of people who are making generous contributions to society through charity work, awareness programs and educational outreach.

Our monthly giveaway program has been in effect for three years now and we have been pleased to help numerous humanitarians reach their goals. Back in August of 2014 we were moved and inspired by one group in particular. Healey International Relief Foundation (or HIRF) is a remarkable organization that works to enhance the livelihoods of people and families living in third world countries that have been ravaged by war and famine. As our Promos for a Cause recipient, HIRF ordered 5,000 hand sanitizers that were sent to Sierra Leone, West Africa, an area where the terrible Ebola virus has taken root.

We were extremely proud that we were able to play even a small role in this incredible organization’s efforts to help the people of Sierra Leone with our hand hygiene products and asked a member of the foundation to provide us with some words about the program. The letter that we received from Program Manager, Megan M. Smith was insightful, stirring and extremely rewarding. We are impassioned by HIRF’s honorable work and grateful for their kind words:

What kind of impact can you make when your primary focus is in a country that is battling against one of the most devastating viruses? Ebola crept into Sierra Leone, West Africa in March of 2014, resurrecting a crisis of unsurmountable affliction.  An already suffering healthcare system was simply depleted by this outbreak; thousands are dead, children left orphaned, job loss at its highest, schools closed and food scarce. The ramifications of the Ebola Virus are endless and, quite frankly, make it hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

The Healey International Relief Foundation (HIRF) focuses on improving the quality of life in third world countries.  Whatever the need may be, the Foundation aims to achieve it for the greater good of the people. Clean water, healthcare, educational support, self-sustainability and empowerment are the driving forces that motivate us to stay the course.

Ebola is a highly contagious virus that spreads quickly if not properly treated. Without the appropriate protection, it is extremely hard to stop the spread.  How can we help? What will make an impact? And just like that we received an offer from Promotions Now. Suddenly that dimly lit light began to shine through. Hand hygiene is one of the pillars of preventative measures when combatting a virus like Ebola. When soap is not available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol is a good substitute.

HIRF shipped over 5,000 individual hand-sanitizers, which is not an easy item for Sierra Leoneans to come by. The sanitizers were dispersed throughout the country, to Ebola Treatment Centers, community health groups, police stations, medical clinics, hospitals, etc. We chose the Gel Go hand sanitizer with carrier. The case protects the gel and can securely clip onto clothing. It’s a sanitizer that is not only easy to share, but safe to do so. Something as simple as the 1oz carrier can help thousands remain safe from harm. Not only does the sanitizer protect, but it reminds people to be careful and pay attention to your surroundings.

It’s extremely hard to grasp the reality of what people in Sierra Leone are facing on a daily basis, but that is not cause to turn our backs. Ignorance should not be a catalyst for ignoring the plight of a people in land so often overlooked. One simple act of kindness, one small donation can prevent countless lives from ending far too soon.

Promotions Now caters to just about every need of an organization. Whether it’s promotional material, giveaways, or large scale projects, something in their catalog will help make your cause even brighter. With this particular project, to bring awareness to preventative care we realized that sometimes the simplest of solutions are right at your fingertips.


Megan M. Smith works as the Program Manager for Healey International Relief Foundation. The Foundation team will be visiting Sierra Leone this March in continued efforts to raise awareness and improve upon the country’s healthcare system.  For more information on how to help and/or donate, visit our website at hirf.net.

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