6 Effective Flu & Virus Prevention Giveaways for Your Health Awareness Efforts

Although we’re all experiencing some major changes to our everyday lives as a result of the recent coronavirus outbreak, Promotions Now has made it a mission to continue providing you with the products and services that are useful to your business and health awareness efforts – especially flu & virus prevention giveaways. Here are 6 effective flu & virus prevention giveaways for your health awareness efforts.

Hand Washing Information Magnet, 4″ x 6″

The most important preventative measure we can take, next to social distancing, is to wash our hands thoroughly and frequently. Our new Hand Washing Information Magnet illustrates the 10 important steps to effective hand washing on a 4 x 6 inch magnet with room for your organization name, logo or important health message at the bottom.

Flu Prevention & We Care Office Sign Hard Styrene Card, 4″ x 6″

Another helpful and informative post up is our Flu Prevention & We Care Office Sign Hard Styrene Card. This durable, water and UV resistant sign provides 6 important efforts we can all make to help prevent spreading and contracting the flu. Double sided adhesive tape and a space for your custom imprint is included.

Mini Tissue Box, 30 Count

This full color custom tissue box is compact enough to take with you on the go or to keep in a glove box but large enough to hold 30 two-ply facial tissues. Tissues help keep droplets from sneezes and coughs from entering the air where they can easily be breathed in by others nearby.

Mini Tissue Packet, 10 ct

A pocket sized version of our tissue handout is the Mini Tissue Packet which holds 10 three-ply virgin pulp tissues, features a resealable backside closure and includes your custom imprint in full color in a white label.

Cold Facts Mega-Mag

Anther way to help individuals determine the difference between flu symptoms, the common cold and even seasonal allergies is with this Cold Facts Mega-Mag. The tissue box design includes a chart that compares the common symptoms of the cold, the flu and allergies. Room for your logo, important message and contact information in full color is at the bottom.

At Promotions Now, we are working to keep business flowing and our useful awareness products available to our customers at this trying time. Many of our team members are working from home and still available to help you with questions, concerns or order placement. As always, shop online or call our team at 800.378.6376 for fast and friendly service.

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